August 22, 2023

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This will conclude my apparent “Hitler Trilogy” (I say “apparent” because I didn’t plan it; it just kinda happened that way).

I’ll lead off with a few observations from my youth.

I realize that Ron Unz tells you that “the Jews” only invented the Holocaust in the 1970s because by then everyone involved in WWII was dead so nobody with firsthand knowledge could expose their lies (Unz also says the Jews made a huge deal about the Holocaust to force the creation of Israel; he counts on you to miss the contradiction between those two claims).

And as much as I hate to refute Unz, who has an IQ of 550 (he says so himself), by the time I started working in the WWII field in the late 1980s, there were actually a lot of people from the war who were still alive (amazingly, some humans actually live into their 60s, 70s, and 80s).

My work took me all over Europe, interviewing people about their wartime experiences.

I found that former Waffen-SS were still staunchly loyal to Hitler. To admit that Hitler had any fault, that he’d played any role in Germany’s downfall (let alone the key role), would be to admit that their youthful adventure (and the wounds they suffered) had been for nothing.

I found a very different attitude among wartime “ordinary” Germans. Business owners, farmers, housewives, laborers, etc. In theory, these are the folks most “leaders” claim to champion; you know, the “liddul peeple.”

And, to a person, every WWII-era “liddul” German I spoke with detested Hitler.

I found it perplexing then, but I understand it now.

Ordinary Germans—the non-fanatics, the folks just trying to live their lives—were fine with Hitler in the beginning. It was an improbable victory, to be sure: a working-class artist, lacking the typical lineage of chancellors, emperors, and kings. Sure, he had his “oddnesses,” but initially he followed through with the issues the “liddul peeple” cared about. The depression ended, the economy improved, burdensome post-WWI humiliations dissipated, and the nightmare of the brief Bavarian communist dictatorship of 1919, spearheaded by, I hate to say it, Jews (well, there goes my ADL Man of the Year Award), seemed like an impossible feat for leftists to repeat under Hitler.

“If Trump hadn’t embraced his inner retard after losing, he’d only be facing one indictment now—the porn-star case nobody cares about.”

“Hey, you know what? That Hitler’s an odd bird, but hell, my standard of living’s improved and I feel hopeful for the future.”

But then…the “oddness” became a malignancy, as Hitler—an egomaniac who surrounded himself with incompetent yes-men while ignoring the advice of people who knew better—made idiotic decision after idiotic decision, plunging his nation into an aggressive war of extermination that would fail, leading the would-be exterminees to become vengeful exterminators, leading to Berlin becoming the Slav-on-Aryan rape capital of the world, resulting in half of Germany falling under Soviet control (it’s an underappreciated irony; Hitler found success playing on the lingering trauma of the brief Bavarian communist dictatorship, only to end up, via his ineptitude, turning half the entire country into a long-term communist dictatorship).

“I voted for no more Soviet occupation, and I got a half century of Soviet occupation.”

Why, that’s almost as bad as “I voted for a border wall and deportations-day-one and I got Kushner amnesty, ‘First Step,’ and a Platinum plan.”

My regular readers—the smartest, most generous, and best-looking people in the world (hint hint my birthday’s coming up so buy me a beer!)—know where I’m going with this analogy.

As Hitler’s fortunes turned, as the walls started closing in (Soviets advancing from the east, U.S. advancing from the west) due to Hitler’s insistence on straying from his mandate (no German voted for colonization of Russia or war with America, yet that’s what Hitler chose to do anyway), mustache boy turned against the “liddul peeple”—and for the purposes of our analogy let’s call them “independent voters”—claiming that their lack of faith is what caused his misfortune. The worse things went for Dolf, the more he embraced his fanatics, and the more he abandoned the business owners, farmers, housewives, and laborers. Indeed, the more he came to despise them. That’s why one of his final acts was to order total German scorched earth: incinerate the businesses, farms, houses, and factories (thankfully, Speer waylaid that directive).

Hitler’s true colors—his incompetence and hatred of the “liddul peeple” who were suffering as a result of his incompetence—came out as he started losing. And as he was losing, ordinary Germans, who’d given Hitler a narrow electoral victory because he was the least-worst option and he seemed to have some concern for their welfare, realized that the man was not just a charlatan but a destructive one.

As I phrased it in 2021, he was a “Judas savior”—a guy who was supposed to fix things but, due to his character flaws and intellectual limitations, ended up making everything worse.

And in the end, and by “the end” I mean the last month of the war and the postwar decades—only the fanatics had his back. Only the pathetic detritus that couldn’t admit their god had failed. Only the people living in long-past victories, only those who were incapable of understanding how “their guy” blew it…for everyone.

The more a leader fails, the more a leader is proven a fool by his own blunders, the more he needs to rely on his fanatics, because ordinary folks, realizing that they’ve been boned again, just want to move on, while the superfans, who psychologically can’t accept that their idol has feet of dung, must, to preserve their own egos (which they’ve tied to their leader’s fate), continually excuse their idol’s errors, explain them away, and lash out at new villains (i.e., those who see the leader for who/what he truly is).

In the case of Trump, as in the case of Hitler, the improbable—and very tight—initial electoral victory was embraced with cautious optimism by “the peeple,” but seen as magic, as divine, by the fanatics. “The peeple” kept their heads enough to realize when they’d been screwed, but the fanatics remained forever in the honeymoon period.

That’s what happens when you tie your ego to a politician, any politician.

Even though I shouldn’t have to say this, and I know I don’t have to say it to my brilliant, beautiful, and generous readers (buy me a beer), I’m not comparing Hitler and Trump regarding deeds. Hitler killed millions; Trump was ineffectual. The comparison lies in the fact that both men were/are failures with a fanatical personality-cult following. Both men took their improbable victory and the early promise of their ascent and ended up screwing over ordinary citizens and forcing their followers to forever answer for and defend their boneheaded plays.

Is January 6 as bad as Barbarossa? Of course not. But I care more about 2023 America than I do about 1941 Russia, so yeah, it’s important in that Trump’s idiotic moves after losing the election are costing us dearly. Think, MAGAs (if you can still think independently), how different the current political landscape would be if Trump had simply accepted his electoral defeat as Nixon did in 1960—with dignity, even if he had nagging questions, legitimate or not, about election integrity. If Trump hadn’t embraced his inner retard after losing, he’d be facing only one indictment now—the porn-star case nobody cares about.

But Trump lacked the cognition to do as Nixon did, to say, “I’ll bite my tongue because the game is long.”

And it’s not just that he lacked the ability. He knew that he had you, MAGAs. The fanatics who’d excuse his every misstep, defend his every foolishness, and act as online assassins against more capable politicians who might challenge him.

So now, whatever happens with the primaries, the only thing that’s certain is that they will be defined by Trump’s errors and malfeasance. And every Republican candidate in the race will be defined by how they address Trump’s errors and malfeasance, and every Republican candidate in the race will know that they’re being scrutinized by the MAGAs, who plan to dominate the primaries via volume and bullying, squeezing out the “liddul peeple” because why not, as the front-and-center issues no longer involve the problems of ordinary Americans. Everything now revolves around defending Trump’s “honor.”

MAGAs, you’ve managed to make the entire race about you and your little egos, and your idol and his big ego, and just as Trump bootlicker Darren Beattie admitted when he came after me last year, MAGAs don’t care about issues or independent voters. Screw issues, screw policy, screw appealing to independents. MAGAs think Trump is magic and magic is all that’s needed to win.

Nothing can dissuade the fanatics, and the outcome is very likely going to be ugly.

Meanwhile, the primaries are already ugly, so yay MAGAs! Way to go.

Those ordinary WWII Germans I interviewed spoke of their relief after Hitler’s death. Yes, that relief was mixed with the most terrible apprehension. How would the Allies treat defeated Germany? The apprehension was understandable; the immediate postwar years were a nightmare (and for Germans in the Soviet sector, the nightmare would last for decades). But at least Hitler’s exit signaled a kind of “okay, from now on it’s just aftermath” relief.

Ordinary Americans—independent voters especially—are facing the next fourteen months knowing that the really ugly business is yet to come. They don’t like Biden, they don’t like Trump, and they know that if they speak out against the former the MSM will pound them, and if they speak out against the latter the MAGAs will pound them.

We’re so not close to the “aftermath” phase.

Watching election 2024 is like watching the conclusion of Downfall but Hitler’s cyanide capsule is time-release, his bullet is in Matrix slo-mo, and the Russians move like the guy from Night Court with “tortoise nervosa.”

This is gonna be a long, tortuous process, courtesy of some of the worst people, left and right, that America has ever produced.

At least I get paid to write about it; ordinary blue-collar folks don’t have a single upside as the slow-motion Downfall plays out.

And even November 2024 doesn’t guarantee an end to the torment. If Trump gets the nom and loses, he’ll claim fraud and MAGAs will ensure that the “fraud” becomes the defining issue of every election from that point on. Every GOP candidate will have to prove fealty to Trump’s twice-“stollen” elections…or else.

What a mess. No, it’s not like 1945 Germany in terms of body count. But it’s exactly like it in terms of a failed leader leaving a foul legacy, a group of hardcore fanatics willing to fight to the last ordinary citizen, and ordinary citizens just wishing for the whole fucking thing to be over.

Christ, what a nightmare.

And you won’t be waking from it anytime soon.


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