Maria Miller MP

An Honest Day’s Pay

Apr 16 2014

The latest British parliamentary spat was a further ripple from the scandal about MPs"€™ expenses that first splashed into our headlines in 2009. In December

Modern Weapons

No Tweets for Turkey

Mar 26 2014

Last week, Turkey decided to ban Twitter. The move was a reaction to supposed evidence that had spread on the website purporting to corroborate allegations


Tony Benn

The Death of Two Left-Wing Idealists

Mar 20 2014

Last week saw the passing of two prominent figures on the extreme left wing of British politics: Tony Benn and Bob Crow. Politicians of all


Scotland’s Foolish Romanticism

Mar 07 2014

In just under 200 days, Scottish voters will face a referendum on whether or not to leave the United Kingdom. The milestone was marked by


After the Deluge

Feb 25 2014

Britannia, we proudly and rather wistfully proclaim, rules the waves. Over the last couple of weeks, however, it has seemed that the waves are ruling


Victoria Nuland

Tell the Truth and Don”€™t Apologize

Feb 18 2014

I suppose the biggest topical subject of the moment is the Winter Olympics. Unfortunately, sport has never been my thing. I can"€™t catch, throw, or


George Osborne, MP

Britain’s New Tax Spat

Feb 11 2014

The latest political spat in the UK is over income tax. Well, let me qualify that. It would be terrific if there really were a


Signs of a City on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown

Sep 19 2013

Dr. Watson's description of London"€”"€œ that great cesspool into which all the loungers and idlers of the Empire are irresistibly drained"€"€”has never been more apt.


Apocalypse Not

Apocalypse Not

Dec 31 2009

MISSING: global recession, 6 billion careless owners. No, really, why do I see thousands of people milling around in the shops as though the credit