Taki has been the High Life columnist for the London Spectator for over 40 years. He has written for National Review, The London Sunday Times, and The New York Post, among others. He is the founder of The American Conservative and the publisher of Taki's Magazine. He has played Davis Cup tennis, competed in the Olympics for Greece, and is Judo Champion of the World 70 and over.

Southamtpon, N.Y.

High Life

Down Memory Lane

GSTAAD—It’s written in the Declaration of Independence so it must be true, the pursuit...

Looking Back

Summer Love

The only true love is summer love, as the saying by Giacomo Casanova goes. Actually it’s...
Tusmore Park

High Life

What a Week

Bellamy’s and Oswald’s are the two best restaurants in London. Owned by two friends of...
Il Duce

High Life

Baptism by Flier

They were putting the finishing touches on the giant tent as I drove up to the Schloss Wol...
Grand Central Station

High Life

Adios, Manhattan

This is my last week in the Bagel and I’m going to give it the old college try. Two week...

High Life

Feel Free Again

NEW YORK—David Niven’s younger son Jamie, now an old man like yours truly and a bit ov...

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