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Ta-Nehisi Coates

The Trouble With Ta-Nehisi

Aug 07 2015

The newspaper that prints only what fits its piously fraudulent agenda, The New York Times, has reviewed a book by one Ta-Nehisi Coates twice, both

Crime and Punishment

Pistols at Dawn?

Jul 16 2015

There is an English writer who is going around telling all and sundry that I made a pass at his wife. Now, Englishmen are known


Guards in front of Greek Parliament, Athens

The Oldest Trick in the Book

Jul 15 2015

If the government of a country was being threatened by a larger neighboring nation with invasion, and held a referendum whether to fight or give


Demagogue Days

Jul 09 2015

Back in the good old days of 2,500 years ago, the Greeks blamed the gods for their self-induced disasters. In modern times the Brits were


Elvis Presley

The Man in the White Suit

Jul 01 2015

For those who like to see their name in print, the Hiltons and Kardashians of this world, make sure that when the man in the


Zante, Greece

The Flickering Ecstasy

Jun 18 2015

Back in the good old days, when Ike and Mamie lived in the White House"€”and the neocons were an ugly bunch of short bald people

Cultural Caviar

Central Park, New York

A Vast Ornithology

Jun 06 2015

The last week in Gotham was exceptional fun. A Broadway play—compliments of the producer, my NBF Harvey Weinstein—Finding Neverland, had me clapping with one hand

Cultural Caviar

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady

For Cheat’s Sake

Jun 04 2015

It was, using Edward De Vere's words, much ado about nothing. The media didn"€™t think so, called it "€œDeflategate,"€ and one of America's great sporting

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Norman Mailer

More Mailer

Apr 22 2015

One of those self important, so called pundits once asked Norman Mailer if fascism was coming to America. The pompous one had once worked for

Cultural Caviar

Paris Hilton

Landed Fortunes

Apr 11 2015

"€œThere is no more potent instrument of fate in 19th century fiction than the legacy."€ So writes a female columnist in Britain's best newspaper, The

Middle East

Decapitation and Capitulation

Mar 04 2015

The week after the murdering scum of ISIS beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya"€”their crime was being Christians"€”the European Commission opened an investigation of Christian


Charlie Hypocrites

Feb 04 2015

I am not Charlie, nor will I ever be. Wearing a Je suis Charlie badge is one sure way of getting attention, but I will


Dudley House, London

Hail the Conquerors

Jan 31 2015

Thick snow is falling hard and heavy, muffling sounds and turning the village from picturesque into postcard-beautiful. I am lying in bed listening to a

Church and State

Turn the Other Cheek

Jan 07 2015

Although an acknowledged sinner for most of my adult life "€“ I chase women non-stop, drink to excess, smoke and gamble "€“ I have never

Cultural Caviar

The Year of the Truth Camps

Jan 03 2015

Welcome to 2015, the year that speaking and writing freely had to stop. Anything that might cause trauma to anyone of any race except the

Hate Speech

Hype’s Premier Task

Dec 31 2014

Political correctness. The dreariest, most depressing and dismal words in the English language, almost as depraved as the word "€œhype."€ The apostles of P.C. claim


Charles Barkley

Al Sharpton Is at It Again

Dec 24 2014

If I were a North Korean leader, or even an ISIS head chopper, I"€™d be reveling in the fact that a black American former basketball


Elizabeth Taylor

Dazzling and Dangerous

Dec 15 2014

When I was young I lived an idyllic life. I played sports, chased girls, and read novels. F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, John O"€™Hara, Graham


Pass the Sick Bag!

Dec 05 2014

I was not surprised Chuck Hagel had to go. After all, he was among the very few in governments of late who had ever seen

Cultural Caviar

Phantom of the Opera

Nov 07 2014

Opera has been in the news lately, in Paris and New York, that is. And no, this doesn"€™t mean things are culturally looking up; on

Cultural Caviar

The NFL’s Bashed-in Moral Compass

Oct 15 2014

The latest brouhaha about professional football players beating up their little wimmen has me shocked, shocked that such a thing could take place in modern

International Affairs

Hate on the March

Sep 05 2014

An American friend who is very well connected in Washington, D.C. was telling me he's worried about Europe. So what else is new, I said.

Heart of Darkness

The Evil of Occupation

Aug 08 2014

Ask any Greek about the Turks and the best you"€™ll get is a grimace. More often than not the answer will be a swear word

High Life

Get Me to Wyoming!

Aug 02 2014

I am looking out my window at the green landscape and forested mountains rising beyond, as peaceful a scene as there is in this troubled


Which Holocaust Did You Mean?

Jul 31 2014

I wagered a Takimag writer that the New York Times and its international excuse for a newspaper would report on anti-Semitism in Europe the minute


Regensburg Cathedral

Deutschland, Deutschland!

Jul 25 2014

Boo to the C.I.A.! It got caught spying on Germany and its top man in Berlin has been sent home. What I"€™d like to know