Taki has been the High Life columnist for the London Spectator for over 40 years. He has written for National Review, The London Sunday Times, and The New York Post, among others. He is the founder of The American Conservative and the publisher of Taki's Magazine. He has played Davis Cup tennis, competed in the Olympics for Greece, and is Judo Champion of the World 70 and over.

Johnny Depp

High Life

Courtroom Drama

GSTAAD—Are any of you tired of reading about Ghislaine Maxwell and her sleazy life? Bore...

High Life

An Uphill Battle

GSTAAD—A friend of mine who lives here wants to start a literary festival and asked me i...
Roman Polanski

High Life

Q and A-holes

GSTAAD—I thought of Nietzsche while the mayhem and destruction of monuments were going o...

High Life

Another Pandemic

GSTAAD—Hippocrates is known as the father of Western medicine, and he diagnosed and name...

High Life

Hellenic Panic

Aristophanes was a comic genius before the Marx Brothers, but he also gave good advice to ...
Harvey Weinstein


The Real Racists

As everyone who has not been in strict isolation in hospital with the virus knows, Harvey ...
Wehrmacht Choir

High Life

Corona Bologna

Look at it this way, we’re all doing Desert Island Discs nowadays, and unless you got th...

High Life

Isolation Nation

No use datelining anymore, I’m here for the duration. Even the ski lifts have been order...
Lea Seydoux, Woody Allen, Rachel McAdams

High Life

Going Viral

GSTAAD—I was hoping to leave this virus-besieged village for the Bagel, especially after...

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