Afternoon Delight

Orgy of the Species

Jan 01 2019

Let’s begin 2019 with some truths and a few admissions: We humans have been evolving for some time now, but not really. Only a few

Cultural Caviar

Boniface de Castellane

Speaking of Manners

Dec 24 2018

Sometime during the 1920s, at an exclusive party at Count Boni de Castelanne’s, a great French lady felt herself beginning to die at the dinner


Goodwill to Almost All Men

Dec 22 2018

Here we are, once again writing for Takimag’s Christmas issue. Like every birthday of our Lord Jesus, this is a special one, so I want


The Errors of Modernism

Dec 15 2018

Father Munkelt is a New York City-based priest who is as intelligent and well-read as anyone I’ve known, and he wrote most of this essay


Start Getting Your Jokes Ready

Dec 01 2018

They will finally have their way: In the year 2044, only a short 26 years from now, white Americans will become a minority—hooray, yippee, viva


Return of the Fifth Columnists

Nov 13 2018

A fifth columnist is a supporter or secret sympathizer of an enemy nation, and the phrase was coined by Spanish nationalist general Emilio Mola Vidal.


The World Looks the Other Way

Oct 17 2018

Is Mohammad bin Salman a murderer? Is it fair to say he is a hairy coward who has starved millions of children in Yemen? Did


PC Marches On

Sep 10 2018

Some of you oldies will never believe this, but London is no longer the place of The Blue Lamp and other black-and-white golden oldies that

Afternoon Delight

The Academy of Athens

Forum of Fools

Sep 04 2018

The New York Times has announced a forum to discuss democracy in the cradle of democracy, Athens, sometime in September of this year. It is

Cultural Caviar

Harvey Weinstein and Taki

The Harvey and I

Sep 03 2018

Here’s a question for you: Could the “monster” of the #MeToo movement get a fair trial anywhere in these United States? Is there a potential


Gabrielle Chanel

Cover Girls and Other Girls

Aug 13 2018

“An effete charlatan,” is the way the mother of my children describes the outrageously affected Hamish Bowles, a Vogue person whose pomposity is as fake

Cultural Caviar

Ernest Hemingway with Lady Duff Twysden, Hadley, and friends. Spain, July 1925

Some Hemingway Stories

Aug 03 2018

About 57 years and a month ago, in Ketchum, Idaho, Ernest Hemingway asked his wife Mary to sing an Italian song, “Tutti mi chiamano bionda”

Cultural Caviar

Which Cruise to Choose?

Jul 13 2018

Summer is the time for cruising. Once upon a time cruising the Med was fun, especially around the French Riviera. Now the sea is full


Intervention Tension

Jun 06 2018

I recently had a spirited discussion with the British historian James Holland, brother of Tom Holland, also a distinguished man of letters, about FDR, his

Cultural Caviar

When Paris Shut Down

May 16 2018

Bonjour, mes amis! Fifty years ago this month I was living in Paris and life was, shall we say, grand. Back then there was nothing


Taki Overboard

Apr 18 2018

April, according to the poet, is the cruelest month, and it got crueler 106 years ago when the Titanic hit the iceberg—and Hollywood the jackpot,

Heart of Darkness

Roger Cohen

Roger the Dodger

Mar 07 2018

Okay, all you readers: You are weak, easily manipulated, led by the nose to the gutter, susceptible to the devils of your diabolical urges, and


Lord and Lady Lucan

Book Review: ‘A Moment in Time’

Feb 15 2018

A Moment in Time reminded me of English women expatriates I had met in the South of France more than fifty years ago. They were

Cultural Caviar

Ski Salons

Jan 13 2018

What I miss most up here in the Alps are the literary lunches conducted on the fly with writers like Bill Buckley, Alistair Horne, Natasha

Cultural Caviar

Listen for the Noise

Dec 19 2017

Rose-colored glasses conceded, the ’50s were still the best decade ever. Uncle Sam was propping up recovering Europe, our borders were not being overrun, the


Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud

Saudi Shakedown

Dec 05 2017

If you thought comedy was dead, take a look at the newest Napoleon on the block, the one wearing sandals and a tablecloth on his


Bernie Sanders

The Mystery of Socialism’s Enduring Appeal

Oct 18 2017

This is very strange. I left the old continent a disunited mess, with African immigrants overrunning the place and an unelected and unaccountable bureaucratic elite


Jeff Bezos

Sins of Silicon Valley

Oct 03 2017

Instead of getting life without parole in one of those white isolation cells in the toughest of jails for aiding and abetting terrorism, he is


The Haiti of Europe

Aug 31 2017

Greece is a small beautiful country in the southeastern part of Europe, a place of jasmine, bougainvillea, mimosa, cypresses, olive trees, pines, oregano, sage, and

Cultural Caviar

Margaret Osborne duPont

The Gender Racket

Aug 24 2017

One of my many regrets is that when I was young and on the tennis circuit, I played as a man. I had a crush

Cultural Caviar

George Soros

Stay Hungary

Jun 30 2017

Once upon a time the American Establishment enjoyed business paragons such as David Rockefeller, Daniel Ludwig, William Paley, Henry Ford II, not to mention Thomas