Gillette’s Castration Razor

So when will Gillette be rolling out its new line of self-castration razors for men? Un...


So What If Jesus Was Jewish?

Last time I looked at a map, the Middle East was not part of Europe. Neither is it a part ...


The Genocidal Fountain of Beverly Hills

I suppose it makes sense that a heavily Jewish neighborhood would want to get rid of a fou...


Woody Allen

Mind Your Business, Hypocrites

The atheist who, like me, studies and reflects on the nature of moral psychology will, I t...


The Unhappiness Explosion

The prestige of the intersectional is pushing respectable opinion in anti-science directio...


The Deplatforming Wars, Part II: A New Hope

As a weapon of leftist ideology enforcement, deplatforming is proving to be strikingly eff...


How Democracy Is Losing the World

If Donald Trump told Michael Cohen to pay hush money to Stormy Daniels about a one-night s...


Judge Reinhold

Bitter Asian Man

Diversity is supposed to be “our strength,” but the interracial romance marketplace ge...


White Women Gonna White

Last Tuesday’s deeply anticipated/dreaded “Blue Wave” that threatened to engulf the ...


Tucker Carlson

Antifa Comes for Tucker Carlson

Once a neoconservative, Tucker Carlson is now a man of the right. Therefore, to use the pr...


Intersectional Deminism

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt fear. Back in the 1990s, when the Jewish Defense...


The Era of Emotional Kitsch

We live, as perhaps we always have lived, in curious times. On the one hand, we have never...


Brett Kavanaugh circa 1980

Brett Kavanaugh Is a White Man

In case you’ve been vacationing on Pluto and were unaware, Supreme Court nominee Brett K...


Christine Blasey Ford

The Kavanaugh Farce Escalates

Before the sexual revolution, there were certain mores that the sexes were expected to fol...