Colin Liddell

Colin Liddell

According to media reports, C.B. Liddell is currently residing in the “earthquake radiation death zone” of Japan. He is the Art Editor of Metropolis, the Far East Editor of The Erotic Review.

PC World

Mick Jagger

Who Breaks a Cockroach on a Wheel?

Mar 29 2012

A scandal has raged this past week in England involving racially insensitive Tweets that landed the racially insensitive Tweeter behind bars. Liam Stacey was targeted


When Chav Mums Go Viral

Dec 10 2011

The most surprising news story in recent weeks was that of Emma West, a young lady of the type sneeringly referred to as “chav” (white


Rise of the Euro-Reich

Nov 22 2011

Back in the 1940s the Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht had to bomb and invade countries to prove das Herrenvolk’s superiority over Europe’s lesser peoples. Now, thanks

Cultural Caviar

Ten Great Things About the Japanese

Jun 23 2011

People around the world were deeply impressed by the manner in which the Japanese handled the big quake earlier this year. By “handled,” they of

Kids Today

The Persistence of Bourgeois Radicalism

Jun 13 2011

When searching for Islamic terrorists in England, avoid the mosques and head straight to the universities. Most of Britain’s homegrown terrorists get the all-important leg-up

Cultural Caviar

Football, Tribalism, and Racist Bananas

Mar 31 2011

In sporting terms, America is very much an island with its own quaint customs. For this reason the etymologically unsound American version of "€œfootball"€"€”the world's

Cultural Caviar

Antaeus by William Blake

Hercules in the Desert

Mar 23 2011

Antaeus was a Libyan giant whose strength appeared invincible. One day he challenged the mighty Hercules to a wrestling match. Each time Antaeus was thrown