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John Derbyshire

John Derbyshire is a novelist, pop-math author, reviewer, and opinion journalist, living with his wife and children on Long Island, New York.

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White Women Win

Jul 11 2015

Eloquent nationalism "”€ The libertarian-communist alliance "”€ Mr Tsipras, put up that wall! "”€ Trump rattles teacups "”€ Alien scofflaw hates America "”€ What inspired

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Quarterly Potpourri

Jul 09 2015

Advice to investors. In last week's column "€œDon"€™t Sup With a FUP"€ I offered a golden nugget of life advice to the younger generation: Avoid

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Trump-Coulter 2016!

Jul 04 2015

Greeks bearing debts "”€ SCOTUS stamps out dissent "”€ The color of crime "”€ Trump thumped "”€ A patriotic Democrat! "”€ Trump-Coulter 2016! "”€ Puerto

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Don”€™t Sup With a FUP

Jul 02 2015

This week's column is in the noble Derbian tradition of advice to the younger generation. From the aery height of three score and ten I

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Donald Trump

A Trump Candidacy

Jun 27 2015

Cultural Caviar

Doom Fiction

Jun 25 2015

In the realm of science fiction, few things are as much fun to read about as the near extinction of the human race. Some awful

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Michelle Obama

The Narrative Gets a Boost

Jun 20 2015

Transracialism, the new frontier "”€ The extremes of ethnomasochism "”€ FLOTUS addresses Her People "”€ The Narrative gets a boost "”€ Trump throws his rug

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Nothing Is Real

Jun 18 2015

T.S. Eliot's observation that "€œhuman kind cannot bear very much reality"€ is surely up among the half-dozen wisest things ever said about our common nature.

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Generation Snowflake

Jun 13 2015

Israel-ISIS issues "”€ The Philippines:  Shall we return? "”€ World Policeman hangs up nightstick "”€ Those damn dots "”€ Generation Snowflake "”€ Why we can’t

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Two Great Wars

Jun 11 2015

Every nation has, in its collective psyche, a special place for its bloodiest war: a place warmed with intense emotions and turbulent with unresolved"€”probably unresolvable"€”controversies.

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Amphitheater of Athens, Greece

Nothing to Declare

Jun 06 2015

Radio Derb Special - open mic with Taki

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Steps of the Vatican Museum

What’s Up With Roman Catholicism?

May 30 2015

How are things in Glocca Morra? "”€ No god in this fight "”€ Quo vadis? "”€ Another GOP hopeful "”€ Buy Ann’s book! "”€ Institutional

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Follow Heart Whatever Desire

May 28 2015

Here it comes, the big seven-oh. Next Wednesday to be exact; around 6:45 GMT, to be even more exact. It was quite an entrance, as

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Derbyshire’s Grand Unified Theory of American Liberalism

May 23 2015

Ululating in Anbar "”€ The Joe Biden lesson "”€ ISIS and the antiquities "”€ Whispering softly down the ways "”€ Grand Unified Theory of liberalism

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Bill Nye

Nye Lied, I Sighed

May 21 2015

Bill Nye the Science Guy gave a commencement speech at Rutgers on Sunday. Reading the speech left me thinking that if this is America's designated

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Mug Us Again!

May 16 2015

Addenda to “The Talk” "”€ Secularism advancing "”€ Religion touches everything human "”€ New gods for old? "”€ Mug us again! "”€ Numbers are of

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George I

300 Years of Prime Ministers

May 14 2015

All proper congratulations to David Cameron, elected last week as Prime Minister of Britain on the Conservative Party ticket. I can"€™t say I repose any

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All Mx-ed Up

May 09 2015

Baltimore wrap-up "”€ Jim Snow America "”€ Go join the jihad, PLEASE! "”€ What’s wrong with hedonism? "”€ Mx-ing it up "”€ Herding cats with

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The Case for Natural Stupidity

May 07 2015

All of us by now, with the possible exception of some Sentinelese Islanders, are acquainted with the notion of Artifical Intelligence (AI). Most of us

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Lather, Rinse, Repeat

May 02 2015

Lather, rinse, repeat "”€ Declaration of fed-upness "”€ Eternal recurrence "”€ Erratum:  Trotsky vs. Marilyn "”€ Erratum: Anecdote vs. data "”€ Lessons in multiculturalism

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Thomas Cromwell

Serving the Tiger

Apr 30 2015

Having already confessed to being a reader of middlebrow fiction, I get occasional emails from readers asking for recommendations.  Well, there's no disputing matters of

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Cold Numbers

Apr 25 2015

Crime in New York "”€ Rev’m Fleecer and Rev’m Banger "”€ The white trash candidate "”€ Africa’s boat people "”€ Innumerate intellectuals "”€ Coming to


Camp of the Stupids

Apr 23 2015

The mass drowning of eight or nine hundred"€”nobody knows precisely"€”illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean last Sunday triggered a lot of commentary about these boat people,

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Havana, Cuba

Mostly Politics, a Frisson of Racial Indignation, and a Smidgeon of Salacity

Apr 18 2015

Somebody’s wife wants to be President "”€ Regulate everything…except immigration "”€ A Mayor among the kulaks "”€ The Boring Party "”€ Black privilege roundup "”€

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Cops and Robbers

Apr 16 2015

What was your first thought on seeing that video clip of the white cop shooting the fleeing black perp? Mine was: "€œWhat fresh lie is

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United Nations Complex, New York

Is Nationalism a Dirty Word?

Apr 11 2015

You can take the boy out of theCaucasus, but… "”€ The fate of the failed immigrant "”€ Paradoxes of nationalism "”€ Rand Paul rising "”€