Cultural Caviar

Memo to Laura Ingraham: Never Beg

In an episode of the seminal 1980s TV show Hill Street Blues, Detective Buntz (a pre–NYP...

Cultural Caviar

Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino’s Empty Screen

When you watch a Martin Scorsese movie, you can tell he grew up in Little Italy around mob...

Cultural Caviar

Lewis Hamilton

Giving Offense, or How to Overcome Mass-Media Morality

“How dare you say the truth—you must abide by our lies!” Such, in essence, was the r...

Cultural Caviar

The U.S. of Shame

The American flag is a symbol of Native American genocide. We need to take it down. While ...

Cultural Caviar

Gary Oldman

The Greatest Actor of His Generation

"€œThis is just like a Hollywood awards show, but with fewer Jews."€ You"€™d be fo...