Saudi Arabia


The Week That Perished, Sep 11

The Week’s Most Crooning, Spooning, and Harvest Mooning Headlines QUEEN BEE (GONE) R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth, who passed away at age 96 after ramming her car into a house at full speed while high on cocaine and fentanyl. CORRECTION: ...


The Week That Perished, Sep 4

The Week’s Most Staid, Unmade, and Labor Day’d Headlines ECCE HOMA You let one black cannibal killer go free, and folks never let you live it down. In 2021, Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt commuted the sentence of cannibal-murderer ...


The Week That Perished, Aug 28

The Week’s Most Nixing, Transfixing, and Netflixing Headlines THE CASE OF THE NAPPY NAPKIN NAPPING For black women in Houston who need help with unmanageable hair, Erin Mims is the go-to girl for the ghet-to gal. As owner of Alluring ...

Boris Johnson


Wisdom of a Yogi

GSTAAD—As the great Yogi Berra explained, “It’s déjà vu all over again.” The great one also contributed the following wisdom: “You can observe a lot by watching.” Yogi came to mind as high inflation and a recession loom, ...

Sayyid Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini


The Week That Perished, Aug 21

The Week’s Most Slicken, Wiccan, and Drought-Stricken Headlines SALMAN FILLET Ayatollah Khomeini wore many turbans. Brutal dictator and architect of Iran’s Islamic revolution, merciless hard-line religious cleric, and six-time ...


The Week That Perished, Aug 13

The Week’s Most Guessing, Confessing, and Stop-the-Pressing Headlines THE CHUNG POISONER’S HANDBOOK Say Yu, say me Say it for always That bitch poisoned my tea! Tiger mom, meet lye-ger wife. She’s a whiz with caustic chemicals ...

Terrence Howard


The Week That Perished, Aug 6

The Week’s Most Blighted, Delighted, and United Headlines “NOW I AM BECOME METH” It’s easy to laugh at vapid Hollywood celebrities. Sometimes we laugh so hard we forget the many amazing scientific advancements gifted to the ...

Kenly, NC


The Week That Perished, Jul 31

The Week’s Most Spanking, Banking, and Pranking Headlines CHINAMAN WOKS THE PRANK Me Chinese, Me make joke, Me make fools of African folk. As China ruthlessly colonizes Africa, usurping and exploiting the Dark Continent’s ...


The Week That Perished, Jul 24

The Week’s Most Craving, Slaving, and Heat-Waving Headlines GIVING BLACKS THE BIG BIRD Over the years, Sesame Street has pandered to the “diversity and inclusion” crowd with numerous episodes aimed at black kids. Same message, ...


The Week That Perished, Jul 16

The Week’s Most Newtonian, Draconian, and Babylonian Headlines YOU WIN SOME, YOU NEWSOM California’s name is attached to many things. The California roll, the California Zephyr, the California king mattress (big enough to ...

New York subway


The Week That Perished, Jul 9

The Week’s Most Decaying, Soothsaying, and Dog-Daying Headlines BLACK IS FLAMMABLE “Burn baby burn” is all fun and games until someone makes it literal. The African People’s Socialist Party is a black separatist hate group ...


The Week That Perished, Jul 3

The Week’s Most Sniping, Griping, and Stars-and-Striping Headlines MORE THAN A WOMB ’UN The womb is back, and wetter than ever. After years of stern lectures from leftists about how “woman” is a social construct and biological ...

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