America’s $100 Billion Climate Change Flop

For at least the last 20 years, politicians in Washington, at the behest of green energy groups, have spent some $100 billion of taxpayer money to fight climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. How is that going for us so ...


The American Way Versus the Politicians’ Way

Let's call it the "Biden way": When our president can't get his policies through Congress, he tries to impose them in other ways. Just look at his student loan forgiveness plan, which faced a stiff Supreme Court challenge this week, and ...


The Stupid Act

After a recent hurricane, Puerto Ricans desperately needed fuel. Fortunately, an oil tanker was right offshore. Unfortunately, the United States government forbade it to come ashore! Why? Because of a stupid law with a stupid name: ...

James O'Keefe

The Untold Story

The Night Baby Put Herself in a Corner

In recent months I’ve written several pieces that mention my Friends of Abe years. It’s pure coincidence; stories in the news that piqued my interest just happened to contain angles that relate to my time with the “secret” org ...

Culture Clash

Nikki Haley Offers Moral Instruction to U.S.

Nikki Haley's announcement that she was running for president reminded me of my lifelong dream to move to India, so I can boss around Indians and tell them to stop worshipping cows and rats. That was the main point of what I said on the ...

District of Corruption

Government’s Dirty Secret

Classified documents are found in Donald Trump's home! Democrats were outraged! Trump is guilty of "mishandling of some of our nation's most sensitive secrets" creating "a national security crisis!" said MSNBC's Chris Hayes and Nicole ...


It’s Now or Never for School Choice Everywhere

This story could bring tears to your eyes. In Baltimore, Maryland, there are 23 schools in which not one single student tested "proficient in math." Can we all agree these are schools that aren't proficient in teaching math -- or just ...


Rightists Drown in Steve Bannon’s Flood

Actor Michael Landon, born Oygenglayben Schmuelowitz (memo to self: Confirm that before press time), was the handsome star of Bonanza and Little House on the Prairie (I just lost every millennial reader). Landon’s mother was severely ...

Progress pride flag

Russia Watch

Putin Has a Point

This week marks the first anniversary of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, a war not currently going terribly well in terms of actual physical territorial conquest, so which now increasingly has to be portrayed as a battle for ...

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