Manhattan Beach, CA

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A House Divided

As I’ve been known to point out, the “equity” that the all-conquering Diversity-Inclusion-Equity (DIE) crusade truly wants is your equity in your home. Current developments in Evanston, Ill., and Manhattan Beach, Calif., are starting to give us a sense of how today’s increasingly antiquarian white guilt will be leveraged into sizable handouts ...

Georgetown, Washington D.C.

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Identity Controls in D.C.

In the wake of Open Borders Day, Ryan Cooper of The Week laments that for all the talk of inclusiveness and tolerance, rich white folk won"€™t let the hoi polloi into their neighborhoods. Apparently, this trend is especially prevalent ...

Central Park, New York

Real Estate

A Tale of Two Cities

The real estate market is back in the news, although, not surprisingly, it's now the mirror image of last decade's excesses. Ten years ago the prices of exurban tract homes in the sand states of California, Arizona, Nevada, and Florida ...

Washington Square Park

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The End of the Rainbow?

One evening back in the late 1980s, I returned to my then-apartment on Toronto's Dundonald Street and heard the unmistakable refrain of "€œDing-Dong! The Witch Is Dead"€ seeping out of the super's place on the ground floor. The ...

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Signs of a City on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown

Dr. Watson's description of London"€”"€œ that great cesspool into which all the loungers and idlers of the Empire are irresistibly drained"€"€”has never been more apt. Admittedly the Empire has gone, but walk down any street in ...

Malibu, California

Real Estate

The Politics of Topography

The struggles of even the best-connected California celebrities to nail down every last one of the permits they need to build on their own property helps demonstrate why differences in topography drive Californians toward voting for ...

Real Estate

Fantasy Island, Libertarian Style

The modern age offers no refuge from the state. The world's habitable unpopulated regions are firmly under sovereign nations"€™ regulation. There is still adventure to be had in the world, but there's no frontier, no place to carve ...

Palazzo Ducale Riva Degli Schiavoni by Canaletto

Real Estate

How To Save Venice

An international shouting match is underway over the fate of the city everyone loves but no one wants to live in: Venice. It started back in 2008, after Venice ran out of cash to maintain its more famous monuments. To cover some of the ...

Real Estate

Return of the Gilded Age

Despite the pain of the past year and a half, will the signs of what smacks of a second Gilded Age "€œcontinue on their merry way,"€ as one Vanity Fair editor recently proposed? Indeed, as the rich keep getting richer and the poor ...

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