Alexander Boot

Alexander Boot

Born in Russia and educated at Moscow University, Alexander Boot lectured on English literature, wrote art and film criticism, and made a nuisance of himself with the authorities. Pursued by the KGB, he emigrated in 1973, first to the USA and then, in 1988, to the UK. For a long time he combined writing for various publications with a successful business career. When this became difficult, he retired as company director in 2005 and began to write full-time. Alexander Boot is the author of How the West Was Lost (2006), God and Man According to Tolstoy (2009), The Crisis Behind Our Crisis (2011) and co-author of A Nation That Forgot God (2010). He divides his time between London and Burgundy, working on his next book.

The High Cost of Free Medical Care

When questioning modern myths, one feels like Don Quixote charging the windmills. Nonetheless it’s time to demythologize the British National Health Service, which evidently serves as a model for some of President Obama’s more imprudent ideas. ...

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Bananas

Strident Darwinist propaganda has convinced most people that man is created in the image and likeness of ape. And as we’re almost equal to apes genetically, doesn’t it naturally follow that apes ought to be almost equal to us legally? Of course ...

Maria Sharapova

Women’s Tennis: Equal Pay for Inferior Work

I’ll let you in on a secret jealously guarded by the God of PC: Equal prize money for men and women at the Grand Slam tennis tournaments is an insult to every principle of fairness—including equal pay for equal work. The pay is equal; the work ...

Vladimir Putin

Putin: KGB Gang$ta for Life

When I was a youngster in Brezhnev's Russia, I was taught that wealth was relative. Though most people in the West were comfortable, they were poor by comparison to the rich, a problem we didn"€™t have. That's why, on balance, we considered ...

Duc d

Politicians: Branded Men

One of modernity's toxic effects is that words now mean whatever we want them to mean. They cease being a means of communication and become an instrument of power. Lewis Carroll realized this fact: "€˜When I use a word,"€™ Humpty Dumpty said in ...

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