Bruce Cochran

Bruce Cochran

Bruce Cochran is a freelance writer who lives with his dog Spike in West Hollywood, California.


Yanking the Lever in Sin City

Las Vegas is the the most inorganic of all American cities. Surrounded by a dry, dusty, prehistoric landscape, this town was conjured from nothingness by the Mob not very long ago. Vegas hosts such sleazy, high-rolling political campaign ...

Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg


Burning Yachts and Burning Money

BREAKING NEWS (well, sort of"€”it happened over a month ago)"€”The world's largest sailing yacht has caught fire. Barry Diller's Eos, named after the Greek goddess of the dawn, is a clipper-bowed Bermuda-rigged schooner. Built by the German ...

Snoop Dogg


Dope Doggy Dogg

I"€™ve often felt that the War on Terror was the best thing that happened to globetrotting drug addicts since the days before bags were inspected at all. After 9/11, the traveling pothead didn"€™t necessarily need to worry about how to score ...

Love Life

Flags at Half-Mast, Please

My gay cousin once told me that the beauty of modern living is that there are so many different ways to have a family. I was inclined to agree with him, although my unorthodox upbringing gave me a desire to either have a conventional family or none ...

Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger

Lit Crit

Fifty Shades of Frustration

Now that I have been sucked into the vortex that is the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, I am beginning to understand that women want the dude to be in charge, and apparently that’s hotter than equality. When a female friend told me she thought ...

Paris Jackson


Billionaires, Bimbos, and the Black Brady Bunch

London's big scandal this past week involves a rapper, a Rothschild, and a handsome son of the late businessman James Goldsmith. The British tabloids have been going bananas because record producer Kate Rothschild (from the billionaire banking ...


Madonna, Don”€™t Preach

Always one to court controversy in lieu of talent, Madonna recently projected an enormous image of right-wing French politician Marine Le Pen with a swastika on her forehead à la Charles Manson during her concert in Tel Aviv. It didn"€™t seem ...

Queen Elizabeth II

High Society

Diamond Jubilation

I love Queen Elizabeth. I love her pastel-colored outfits. I love her little black handbags. I love the regal look in her eye. I even love it when she has to wear her silly crown and sit on a throne in Westminster Abbey covered in ermine and ...


Cochran’s Guide to Suicide

If you"€™re looking for a husband, ladies, stay away from the Kennedys! Chances are better you will make it through life avoiding an untimely death or some horrific tragedy. You wouldn"€™t want to end up like Mary Jo Kopechne, Carolyn Bessette, ...

King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain


Royal Rake

The delightful readers of Taki's Magazine have spoken! I hereby declare this week's column to be a Hollywood-free zone. There will be no look into director Joel Schumacher and his alleged pedophilia or into the heretofore unheard-of teen bride ...

Tinsley Mortimer



Judging from last week's comments, there are not many Kardashian fans here on Taki's Mag. Though the fuss was to be expected from our highbrow readership, every rag needs a gossip column. Sure, we could cover the upper crust of East Coast society ...


Krazy for the Kardashians

Kall me krazy, but I love the Kardashians.  This is Kardashian Week if there ever was one. The fab family just signed a $40-million deal with E! for three more years of their reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians"€”making it the biggest ...

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