A Clockwork Orange County

If all you ever did was watch TV—which is all that many Americans ever do—you’d think that Orange County, CA is so squeaky-clean, it actually squeaks. It’s where Mickey Mouse lives. It’s where real housewives have ...

Mumia Abu-Jamal


Why Mumia is Guilty

Convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal—easily the world’s most famous death-row prisoner—has finally been demoted from death row. Philadelphia District Attorney R. Seth Williams announced last Wednesday that his office would no ...


Why Italy Held Amanda Knox

In youth I once drove across a vast expanse of central Mexico in my convertible. I paused in many villages to meander through modest churches, eat with locals, and play games with the barefoot children. Today anyone who would do the ...

Troy Davis


High-Publicity Executions & Low-Profile Encroachments

Here is a secret well-known among attorneys: By the time a criminal is convicted, he has usually committed at least three other serious crimes. Here is a secret well-known among policemen: They are almost always sure who did it, even if ...


Setting Grandma’s Hair on Fire

Social Security is a “Ponzi scheme for these young people,” said Gov. Rick Perry in his first debate as a presidential candidate. “The idea ... that the current program is going to be there for them is a ...

Casey Anthony


Moms Who Murdered and Didn’t Walk Free

Armchair juries across America erupted in rage on Tuesday when a real jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee in 2008. After nearly three years of exposure to rancid details of a decomposing, ...


When Kindergarteners Are Killers

Near midnight on Friday, June 3, Kansas City police were called to a house in a blighted section of town to find an eighteen-month-old male corpse that had been floating dead in a bathtub. Police originally assumed that Jermane Johnson, ...


The High Cost of Insulting a Canadian Lesbian

On April 20th of this year, a group called the BCHRT (British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal, a sort of maple-syrup-flavored version of a Stalinist show-trial committee) fined stand-up comedian Guy Earle $15,000 for offending a lesbian ...

John Demjanjuk


The Persecution of John Demjanjuk

“John Demjanjuk Guilty of Nazi Death Camp Murders,” ran the headline on the BBC. The lede began: “A German court has found John Demjanjuk guilty of helping to murder more than 28,000 Jews at a Nazi death camp in ...


Black on Black

The flap over Henry Lewis Gates and arresting officer James Crowley was supposed to be a "€œteachable moment,"€ but other than the predictable outcries of "€œwhite racism lives!"€ the incident has proven to be of little ...

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