Derek Turner

Derek Turner

Derek Turner is the editor of the Quarterly Review. His writing has appeared in the Times, Sunday Telegraph, Literary Review, Salisbury Review, and Chronicles.

British Politics

David Cameron

The Cynosure of Rightwing Hopes

May 14 2015

Just after 10pm last Thursday, the BBC was allowed to broadcast the results of the exit poll it had been conducting outside voting stations during


The End of the Affair

May 07 2015

Today, after a campaign many of us had begun to feel would never end, British voters elect the MPs who will rule or misrule them


Reflections on the English Identity

Apr 30 2015

I was standing in Stamford, Lincolnshire on Saturday, admiring as always the architecture so splendidly Georgian it is used for filming Jane Austen adaptations. But


Muammar Gaddafi

A Flotilla of Troubles

Apr 23 2015

Another week, another mass drowning of miserable people, another ostentatious lamentation from politicians and pontificators, all the way up to The Pontiff himself. As the


Jon Snow

Tepee Time in London

Apr 16 2015

Guardian journalist Zoe Williams is worried. "€œIs the left in Britain still alive and well?"€ she asks. Apparently, "€œno one quite knows where it has

British Politics

Nicola Sturgeon

Change for Change’s Sake

Apr 09 2015

Britain's new multi-party politics has pundits and bookies salivating at the prospect of minority governments, hung parliaments, awkward alliances, and kingmakers after the May 7th

British Politics

The Reign of John Bercow

Apr 03 2015

The Speaker of the House of Commons is the most powerful commoner in the United Kingdom. On the 26th of March, an attempt to change


Nigel Farage

The UKIP Omnibus

Mar 26 2015

As May 7th bulks ever bigger on the political horizon, the UKIP omnibus has developed serious rattles. As the campaign pounds punishingly on, the insurgents"€™

Injured Parties

White (and poor) is the New Black

Mar 19 2015

Multiculturalism is dead - long live multiculturalism? Another year, another denunciation of multiculturalism, another denunciation of that denunciation, another continuation of multiculturalism. It is a


The Secret State vs. Enemies of State

Mar 12 2015

When Mohammed Emwazi went out from west London to Syria literally to carve out a new career as "€œJihadi John"€, masked avenger of non-wrongs, England


Cardinal Keith O

Keeping the Pope’s Boat Afloat

Mar 01 2013

The dramatic departure from office of the Scottish Catholic Cardinal Keith O"€™Brien, amid allegations of sexual misconduct and gross hypocrisy, has all the ingredients of

Cultural Caviar

King Richard III

Unearthing Richard III

Feb 10 2013

On February 4th, the University of Leicester announced that the bones unearthed last August beneath a former parking lot in Leicester really were what had

Cultural Caviar

Patrick Leigh Fermor

A Traveler in Search of Tradition

Dec 30 2012

Cooper, Artemis. Patrick Leigh Fermor: An Adventure. London: John Murray, 2010. On December 9th, 1933, an eighteen-year-old miscreant rushed through the rain at Tower Bridge


Rupert Murdoch

Leveson’s Legacy

Dec 20 2012

A venerable British political tradition dictates that whenever some important matter arises, the government commissions an inquiry chaired by a renowned expert. This expert duly

Cultural Caviar

Julian Assange

Who Guards Those Who Guard the Guardians?

Nov 13 2012

In July 2011, in response to public anger at a few tabloid journalists"€™ illegal activities, David Cameron reluctantly announced the Leveson Inquiry into the specific


Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile: Emblem of an Age

Nov 05 2012

On New Year's Day 1964, a louche, longhaired Leeds lad presented the first edition of the BBC's Top of the Pops from inside a converted

Cultural Caviar

The End of Adventure

Oct 29 2012

Judith Schalansky. Pocket Atlas of Remote Islands"€”Fifty Islands I Have Not Visited and Never Will. London, New York: Penguin, 2012. 240 pp. The West is

British Politics

The Shriveling Scottish Identity

Oct 16 2012

When Scotland and England were united formally in 1707, the Scottish Earl of Seafield remarked in smug satisfaction, "€œThere's the end of an auld sang."€



Royal Pains

Jun 08 2012

After four days of royalist reverie, the imported Union Jacks are starting to sag"€”drooping disconsolately as the proud people who "€œnever ever shall be slaves"€


Abu Qatada

Welfare Fraud: Billions for Zeros

Mar 30 2012

While British troops gallantly and pointlessly put themselves in peril's way in Afghanistan, Iraq, and soon perhaps elsewhere, they must find great comfort knowing that


Fabrice Muamba

England’s Surrogate Religion

Mar 23 2012

It is sometimes said that football is like a religion to the English. As the legendary Liverpool manager Bill Shankly once half-joked, football is more


Have AIDS, Will Travel

Mar 07 2012

English taxpayers awoke one morning in late February to discover that the nation's gaiety had been greatly augmented.  The BBC proclaimed joyous tidings"€”"€œFree HIV treatment

British Politics

Eric Joyce MP

Eric Joyce’s Hands-On Politics 

Feb 28 2012

On Tuesday February 22nd, police were called to the Strangers"€™ Bar in the House of Commons to remove a man who had allegedly gone berserk,


Prime Minister David Cameron

Making Sense and Nonsense of the Riots

Aug 23 2011

It all started, says Darcus Howe, as  an insurrection of a generation of poor, primarily, black people from the Caribbean and from Africa. Then it


The Tournaments of Tottenham

Aug 09 2011

In 1653, the year Cromwell became Lord Protector of England, there appeared the first edition of what would become a classic—Izaak Walton’s The Compleat Angler.

Cultural Caviar

Rebecca Black

Becky Black’s “€œFriday”€: Pap Music’s Weak End

Mar 30 2011

As an aficionado of the atrocious, I thought I"€™d sneak a peek at Rebecca Black's song "€œFriday."€ For those too engrossed in such small matters