Winston Smith

Winston Smith

Winston Smith is a pseudonym for a victim of the thought police who was recently put on the anti-black list.

Modest Proposals

Ending White Privilege: Tax It

Ed Murray, Seattle's überliberal mayor, proposed a 1.75-cent-per-ounce tax on all sugary drinks sold in the city. This would include the sodas plus energy drinks like Red Bull, fruit drinks, sweetened tea, and the type of bottled coffee sold by ...

Mayor Bill de Blasio

The Big Bagel

Bill de Blasio, Conservative Hero

When Bill de Blasio crushed his Republican rival, Joe Lhota, by 49 points in 2013, more than a few New Yorkers were worried. De Blasio was an unabashed leftist who proudly served with Nicaragua's Sandinistas and fervently condemned economic ...

Vladimir Putin

Modest Proposals

Mr. Putin Goes to Motown

Regardless of what dog you have in the Ukrainian turmoil, it is clear that Putin's plan is crude, transparent, and guaranteed to anger nearly everyone. Does anyone really believe that these "€œUkrainian separatists"€ are native Ukrainian, given ...

Leonard Nimoy

Modern Weapons

Donald Sterling, Brain Leper

If a curious Martian were to suddenly visit Earth, the brouhaha surrounding Donald Sterling's racist rant would be deeply perplexing. You see, Martians are like Vulcans, and can only think logically and scientifically, so severely punishing a ...


Doublethink v. SCOTUS

Last Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court decided by a 6-2 margin that the 2006 Michigan voter-initiated ban on racial preferences in college admission was constitutional. Superficially, the Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action ruling ...


The War on Discipline

Since the 1960s we have spent trillions to uplift the bottom. All nostrums, whether liberal or conservative, free market or statist, have failed and there is nothing on the agenda that offers any hope. The latest, President Obama's My Brother's ...


Self-Esteem Über Alles

As the civil-rights movement settles into stagnation and one nostrum after the next fails to move the needle, public rituals celebrating the faith have become de rigueur. Nowhere is this religion-like activity more visible than when people beseech ...

Kids Today

Escaping America’s Youf

American has a "€œyouth"€ problem or, as sometimes put, a problem with “youfs” or “teens” or even “thugs.” Most people correctly understand this as underclass black teenagers (of both sexes) waging a violent ...

Modern Weapons

The War Against Offensive Team Nicknames

Offensive sports team nicknames are yet again in the news and, as usual, the Washington Redskins are the target of attention. (owned by the Washington Post) has officially banned “Redskins,” though the Post itself continues to ...

Vile Bodies

Drunks Gone Wild

The PC suppression of heretical thinking seemingly grows stronger by the day. Innocuous comments and the "€œwrong"€ scientific research findings are now often taboo. Not even Harvard’s president or the Nobel Prize-winning geneticist James ...


There’s a Pill for That

Aldous Huxley's 1932 dystopian novel Brave New World depicts an ideal pleasure drug, a hangover-free tranquilizer called soma that the totalitarian government freely distributed daily. The opiate-like drug dulled the senses and, happily for the ...


The Gay Solution to Urban Blight

Since the 1950s a multitude of solutions to revitalize decaying inner cities have come and gone. If anything, matters have grown worse"€”brave souls should visit Detroit, Cleveland, Gary, East St. Louis, Memphis, and countless others to see for ...

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