Jorge Montojo

Jorge Montojo

Jorge Montojo is the author of numerous books and articles. He lives and writes from Ibiza.


Too Many Politicians: Riduzione Alla Italiana!

The Italians have voted to reduce their number of politicians by 30 percent. Bravo! Millions will be saved in salaries, pensions, and official allowances of privileged deputies and senators; and, most important, they will stop seeing the mugs of so ...

Bizarro World

Hispanics of Color

Today I woke up feeling more enthusiastic than I usually do; I have rumba dancing in my veins and I feel myself moving diferently. I had a planter’s punch for breakfast before a Bloody Mary. I have come to learn that I am not white! That is at ...

New World Order

Macho Complex

The secretary-general of the U.N., Antonio Guterres, has enlightened the world with a statement where he reveals that the new virus “is demonstrating what we all know: Millennia of patriarchy have resulted in a male-dominated world with a ...

Bunky Mortimer

The Biggest Scam in History

Is the new virus the biggest scam in history? There are many doubts about the official version, and skeptics or deniers are emerging all across the planet. Something good had to come from the global village of the internet to fight against the ...

Formentera, Spain


A Democratic Marooning

Nowadays it is impossible to go out on the streets and not break the law in some way, often unconsciously. The increase in prohibition and regulation with the viral excuse brings many European democracies dangerously close to the dictatorships of ...


The Mask of the Joker

Why has the world become so indignant? Boredom. The Olympic ability to have fun is in sharp decline in the new age of the cyborg brought on by nanotechnological morons. People gather to eat armed with their mobile phones, which they leave on the ...

Afternoon Delight

Old Remedies for the New Age

While the great powers compete to invent the first vaccine against the new plague (there is more rivalry than in the boring space race for the first settler on Mars), making massive trials on human guinea pigs, I pay attention to good time-tested ...

King Juan Carlos I


The King’s Letter

The letter in which HM King Juan Carlos I announced his decision to leave Spain for a while has plunged the Iberian bull ring into a sea of doubt, gossip, and dismay. For a few days there is no talk of the criminal mismanagement of the Spanish ...

Calabria, Italy


Travelers and Hooligans

The most beautiful places in the world experienced a wild transformation from traveler to tourist (then from tourist to hooligan). For better or worse, the economy was revolutionized as much as society, customs were globalized, and the barbarians of ...


Prophylactic Society

The much-vaunted new world order is a birdcage. Western democracies are playing social seppuku with the dictatorship of a hysterical political correctness that encourages single-mindedness and self-censorship of opinion, promotes cowardice, and ...

Looking Back

The Islamic Renaissance

The “Islamic Renaissance” that Sultan Erdogan campaigns for today has little to do with what the Christian world experienced centuries ago. Then, Europe unearthed the beauty of the statues of Greece and Rome (fortunately there was no ...


More Groucho and Less Karl

The new cultural revolution vandalizing the streets is completely misinformed and has the faint whiff of extremist fanaticism. Its aim is to divide and fracture Western society, where individualism was born, where there is respect for the ...

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