Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Los Angeles

Ignorance Among Hollywood Conservatives

I could"€™ve written this column a week ago, before the National Geographic Channel's "...


Neil Young

Neil Young’s Old Shtick

Neil Young is not, in fact, Canada’s most pompous and pretentious male singer-songwr...


Michael Moore

Letting the Air out of Michael Moore

People weren’t as shocked by the news of Michael Moore’s pending divorce as th...


Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin Sticks His Foot up His Ass Again

The double-edged sword called the Internet spreads and then debunks myths at head-spinning...


Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg

Burning Yachts and Burning Money

BREAKING NEWS (well, sort of"€”it happened over a month ago)"€”The world's largest sai...


Snoop Dogg

Dope Doggy Dogg

I"€™ve often felt that the War on Terror was the best thing that happened to globetrotti...


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Celebrity Schadenfreude

Tom Cruise received a most unpleasant 50th-birthday present: His wife of five years Katie ...


Paris Jackson

Billionaires, Bimbos, and the Black Brady Bunch

London's big scandal this past week involves a rapper, a Rothschild, and a handsome son of...


Madonna, Don”€™t Preach

Always one to court controversy in lieu of talent, Madonna recently projected an enormous ...


King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain

Royal Rake

The delightful readers of Taki's Magazine have spoken! I hereby declare this week's column...


Tinsley Mortimer


Judging from last week's comments, there are not many Kardashian fans here on Taki's Mag. ...


Krazy for the Kardashians

Kall me krazy, but I love the Kardashians.  This is Kardashian Week if there ever was on...


Rachel Maddow

Sue Me!

Remember when people used to say, "€œSue me!"€ if you complained about something they...


Frances Bean Cobain

Freeloaders and Bloodsuckers

Hollywood has a rule: If it's true, it's strange. Kurt Cobain's widow Courtney Love recen...