Rachel Maddow


Sue Me!

Remember when people used to say, "€œSue me!"€ if you complained about something they said or did? "€œSue me!"€ was one of my favorite expressions and I used it in grade school a lot, though I don"€™t think I"€™ve uttered ...

Frances Bean Cobain


Freeloaders and Bloodsuckers

Hollywood has a rule: If it's true, it's strange. Kurt Cobain's widow Courtney Love recently voiced parental concern for her hapless spawn Frances Bean via Twitter. Rumors had been circulating that former Nirvana drummer and current ...

Donald Trump


Accolades for Acolytes

Welcome to Taki's Mag, all you do-gooders who"€™ve discovered us this past week! It's a big world, and there are people to save and hands to hold everywhere! Let us help all of you help everyone else! It"€™ll be like one big H-bomb ...

Bradley Cooper in The Hangover


Hollywood: Dysfunction Junction

At six foot nine, Kris Humphries may literally be the world's biggest ass. This giant goober-faced fool is a basketball player who was briefly married to pneumatic Armenian reality-TV star Kim Kardashian. As a frequent guest on Keeping ...

January Jones


Bombs, Blockbusters, Babies, and Break-ins

This week brings a steamin’ hot plate of scandal, scandal, scandal"€”flour bombs, plastic babies, break-ins, drunk driving, Ecstasy, and placenta-eating. Be sure to save some room for dessert! The box-office receipts for The ...

Johnny Depp


More Acting and Less Activism, Please

Don"€™t you hate it when actors get involved in politics? I do, and not only because I usually disagree with their views. I hate it because it ruins the rich fantasy life that actors enjoy in my mind. That old maxim about how one ...

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian


Stars v. Jocks: The Great Dummy Derby

Who's easier to mock"€”athletes or celebrities? It's a neck-and-neck race, each one stretching to be more idiotic than the other. When celebrities and athletes come together, they multiply one another's idiocy. Consider Kim ...


Glitter From the Gutter

Not much is happening in the celebrity gutter this week unless you count the big pregnancy rumors from Snooki of Jersey Shore fame. Her boyfriend Jionni (nice spelling) LaValle is the baby-daddy-to-be, and her ex-boyfriend Emilio ...

Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog


Crimes of Passion, Golden Statues and Fashion

Although most critics lambasted this year's Oscar show, I roared with laughter. The jokes were funny. Some were even hilarious. It was a ginormous improvement on last year's awards, even though the presentation felt dated at times. You ...


From the Revolting to the Ridiculous

THE DARK ANGEL DESCENDS ON BEVERLY HILLS Singer Whitney Houston’s drug-addled body finally gave out on her. She had been on drugs for the past two decades, but somehow her fans were hoping she would revert back to her wholesome ...

Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain


Drugs, Sugar, and Cigarettes

What a week in headline news. If I see one more thing about Iran and Israel, I am going to nuke them all myself. Syria is no better. Plus, the Chinese/Tibetan thing is flaring up again and soon the cute little monks will all be carrying ...

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