Charles Norman

Charles Norman

Charles Norman is an NFL fan living on the West Coast.

Cultural Caviar

The Infantilization of America

Aug 14 2019

America has always been for the young. However, in the past half century, America has become even younger. We’re becoming a country of children. This


Marianne Williamson

Season of the Witch

Jul 17 2019

Historians of the future should note that before Democrats gave up and attempted a coup to reinstall Barack Obama as president in 2020, they fielded


The Graduate Is Now

Jun 12 2019

Millennial guys not even 30, and sometimes younger than 25, are dating women in their 30s, 40s, and even 50s. It’s mass hysteria. At first


Dealing With Radicals

May 15 2019

The great pundit James Bowman recently said, “The biggest mistake conservatives make is to suppose that Democrats control the media. In fact, the power relationship



A Secret History of Right-Wing Rock Stars

Apr 10 2019

Pop music, like anything showbiz, is hardly as it appears. The gap between a pop star’s public and private politics can be as deceiving as


Birchers Redux

Mar 12 2019

A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what’s going on.” ―William S. Burroughs Kicked out of the National Review bio-dome by William F.

Cultural Caviar

Homer Simpson

Homer’s Odyssey

Feb 11 2019

In the past few years the television show The Simpsons, which this year will celebrate its 30th anniversary of being on the air, has come

All About Me

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The Rise of AOC

Jan 21 2019

This last political season, a 29-year-old bartender named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a self-described “radical,” came “dancing across the water” to conquer the Democratic nomination and a

Cultural Caviar

Leave Them Vids Alone

Jan 07 2019

W.H. Auden once said that Eros was the builder of cities. If true, that would explain why American infrastructure is collapsing from decay. Earlier this

Cultural Caviar

Jon Stewart at the Emmy's 2015

Jon Stewart’s Fading Legacy

Nov 16 2018

They hiss and shout “Boo!” at Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson for owning slaves, but now liberals are turning on presidents as recent as Bill

Cultural Caviar

Colin Kaepernick

Same Old Slogan

Sep 17 2018

The inspirational story of a backup NFL quarterback suddenly dominating headlines by championing black-power politics sounds like a dream you’d dream if you fell asleep


Trapped in the Closet

Jun 15 2018

“Everything in our age conspires to turn the writer, and every other kind of artist as well, into a minor official, working on themes handed


Kanye West

American’s First Hip-Hop President

May 09 2018

There’s a trope in drama where the hero and the villain realize they have more in common than one would initially think. This is epitomized