Guy Somerset

Guy Somerset

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America. He is a lawyer by profession.


The End, or Something Like It

Aug 06 2014

On August 2, 2014, the Obama Administration allowed the first of two American health care workers who had contracted the Ebola virus back into the U.S. There


The Age of Obama

Aug 01 2014

It was the Sun King, Louis XIV, who uttered the immortal edict of classical despotism: "€œL"€™Ã‰tat, c"€™est moi!"€ There is some debate amongst historians as


The Political Classless

Jun 27 2014

In the early 1980s I became familiar with a cartoonist whom I considered to be one of the cleverest men I had read in a


The Strong-Arm of the Law

Apr 22 2014

When lawmen break the law, there is no law.   During a fortnight when the American establishment wasn"€™t handing out machine guns to heavily medicated dissociative personalities with


The Longest Distance Between Two Points

Mar 20 2014

If there is one thing Americans love even more than a revolution, it is a mystery. Hence, the news from from Ukraine this past week

Cultural Caviar

Documentaries That Weren”€™t Nominated for Best Documentary

Mar 02 2014

As the Academy prepares to celebrate some of the most historically inaccurate dramatizations in recent memory, let us turn from a year of “Based on


Marion Davies

When Rich Men Spoil Pretty Girls

Feb 13 2014

This St. Valentine's Day it is estimated that around $17 billion dollars will be spent on greeting cards, overpriced flowers, and dinners served by sanctimonious


Hillary Clinton

The Congressional Enemies List

Feb 05 2014

One of modern life's great canards is that women were historically shut out of the workplace. Yet from Hollywood to London, there have long been


The War on the Way We Were

Jan 09 2014

When I first heard that the newest mayor of New York's first action in office was to denude the city of horse-drawn carriages, I thought


Tila Tequila

Manufacturing Outrage

Dec 24 2013

There is often no difference between entertainment and politics. Consider recent statements by Phil Robertson, television star of the program Duck Dynasty, which airs on

International Affairs

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Turkey’s Marginal Theocracy

Dec 05 2013

Turkey is no longer a secular society. In less than a decade Prime Minister Erdoğan and his Justice and Development Party have effected a radical

Pathetic Politicians

President Barack Obama

Obama: Helpless Fool or Willing Tool?

Nov 06 2013

So Obama wasn’t aware we’d spent years spying on our ally Germany. Color me unsurprised. Throughout a career as community activist and several campaigns, he

Afternoon Delight

Boehner Goes Limp

Oct 12 2013

Once again, Republicans have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Faced with rising populist support of their principled stand against a law that a


U.S. Capital Building

Look Houseward, Angel

Oct 04 2013

If you don"€™t stop something in the House of Representatives, it never is stopped. Period. Not sometimes, not oftentimes, not occasionally; but never. This applies

Bravery Hurts

The Men That Others Forgot

Sep 25 2013

On September 20, 2013, President Obama flew the black flag above his White House to honor prisoners of war and soldiers still missing in action.


This One’s for the Kids

Sep 18 2013

Whenever a colleague asks for voting advice, I have one stock answer"€”vote for whoever doesn’t have commercials with children. Whichever candidate trots out the tykes


Gala and Salvador Dali

Heterosexual Romance in Old World Russia

Sep 06 2013

This weekend’s G20 summit in Russia comes on the heels of controversy regarding the nation’s treatment of homosexuals.     I can no more genuinely

Cultural Caviar

Crazy Little Thing Called Hate

Sep 02 2013

Eighteen states have no “hate crimes” legislation. (In diversity parlance, these states are “Hate Crimes Non-Inclusive.”) Another two dodge the bullet by allowing mere data

International Affairs

Deciphering Egypt’s Hieroglyphics

Aug 22 2013

Regarding Egypt’s current turmoil, international neophytes of every stripe claim to know precisely what is happening in a nation they scarcely know outside of colorful


Elon Musk

The Odiferous Musk of Billionaires

Aug 15 2013

I hate billionaires. I loathe, disdain, and want to throw them in a wood chipper; take your pick, I can"€™t stand to be in a

Middle East

Petra, Jordan

Jordan’s Influx of the Unwanted

Aug 08 2013

Few Westerners could locate Jordan on a map. If they think about it at all, it likely concerns Queen Noor, the glamorous wife of former


A Rebel Yell for the Colonel

Jul 31 2013

Trayvon. Bernanke. The Colonel. America is buffeted by blustery winds of change these days, yet who among us would have thought even they could disquiet

Knock Off

The Gulag Peninsula

Jul 18 2013

If caught reading the wrong book in the Soviet Union you weren’t interrogated, you were imprisoned. On many occasions people were simply murdered. Of course,

Middle East

Tahrir Square

The Arab Spring Turns to Summer

Jul 07 2013

Roughly one year ago Mohamed Morsi won Egypt's presidential election. At the time there was jubilation and optimism. Finally, the head of state would represent


We the Citizens

Jul 04 2013

An article of faith has many first drafts. We struggle to find a manner to say what must be said while saying it within the


John McCain

Judas McCain

Jun 28 2013

John McCain may be the most treasonous man who ever lived. McCain must contend with Hitler, the Marquis de Sade, Benedict Arnold, and others to