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The Graphomaniac

Mar 05 2015

I won"€™t bother lying. I ran across the absurdly prolific blogger and novelist James LaFond whilst I was mired in the shameful act of Googlebation:

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The Straw Man Zone

Feb 26 2015

If I could eradicate one sin from the world, I would free writers and journalists from our desire to make a heartfelt splash, and damn

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Frank Fleming’s Superior Man

Feb 19 2015

The Internet is great for finding free couches, but the news cycle to which it is prey"€”horrible act; outrage; more horrible action"€”does nothing for my

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More People, More Nonsense

Feb 05 2015

It's not often that a Salon writer produces a lit piece that doesn"€™t make me grunt with rage. Aside from their hysterical loathing for male

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Science Fiction for the Fourth Generation

Jan 29 2015

Here's a brilliant idea for an anthology: collect essays about the changing face of war and war technology, then alternate them with short stories and

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Momus, God of Scorn

Jan 22 2015

I’m not interested in winning, but in thinking. I’d rather be perplexed than right. That 12-year-old quote is from a Scottish musician and writer named

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Houellebecq and Cassandra

Jan 15 2015

So Michel Houellebecq quit promoting his new book. Instead he's hiding out somewhere in the provinces. Houellebecq, whose name I despise having to spell, is

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Good Advice, Bad Examples

Jan 08 2015

I can"€™t resist a writing style guide, especially one that promises to be lively. Steven Pinker made his name as a linguistic and cognitive scientist;

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2014’s Top Abominations in Books and Journalism

Jan 01 2015

You can blame the kids, the Internet, pus in the milk, IngSoc English professors, or Ritalin, but 2014 has got to be one of the

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Dec 25 2014

The rigged game of publishing is no less rotten today than on any other, but it's unnatural to be contentious on Christmas. I"€™d rather talk

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Notre Dame, Paris

A Kinder, Gentler Colonialism

Dec 18 2014

I"€™m still not sure why half of the French press members who still have enough couilles left to stand up for their national sovereignty and

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Anomie en Masse

Dec 11 2014

I love those sweet, fleeting moments of near-lucidity when the janitors at the mainstream pop-culture echo chamber almost manage to notice how annoying the echo

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Pay to Play

Dec 04 2014

Like most of the readers and writers I know, I"€™m still painfully agnostic about the self-publishing trend. Clearly, some publishers are more obstacle than ally.

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Learning Not to Love

Nov 26 2014

Making fun of millennials is all kinds of fish-in-a-barrel fun. Their creepy, dehumanized fixation on their smartphones reminds me of lab rats, pushing the Tweet

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English Teacher X: Peace in the Middle East?

Nov 20 2014

You"€™d think American workers could get some scraps off the table of globalism. Fine, most of our middle-class manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas, and


Slapstick in the Indie Press

Nov 13 2014

For novelists who aren"€™t already famous, self-publishing looks better all the time. Mainstream houses"€™ gatekeeping may be corrupt, but the antics of some small presses

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Derbyshire’s Epic

Nov 06 2014

I can"€™t argue: it does look a little strange for one of a publication's writers to review another, especially when we"€™ve done our share of

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Halfway to Daring

Oct 23 2014

The great comic novelist Kingsley Amis was blamed for damaging the Angry Young Man literary movement last century by refusing to agree that he was

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Tao Lin

Tao Lin: Who Needs Libel?

Oct 16 2014

If I could get up the stomach to investigate particularly pretentious authors the moment they ping my nonsense detector, I might have a career in

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Pardon Me, Gents: Of Quintus Curtius

Oct 09 2014

It's taken me a few weeks to work up the gall to write about the pseudonymous Quintus Curtius"€™ first book. Thirty Seven: Essays on Life,


Philistines, Arise!

Oct 02 2014

Have you heard that big, bad Amazon is destroying the book industry? To be more accurate, they"€™re plowing the major publishers under: ah, nobility in

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Alain Finkielkraut

Alain Finkielkraut vs. the End of Civility

Sep 25 2014

If I were in Paris this week, I"€™d be looking for a nice mosque to hide under. In a video released Monday, the Islamic State

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Please, No More Screaming Orgasms

Sep 11 2014

One shouldn"€™t let oneself get too excited by book reviews. There are many bad habits, ground into modern writing like a bloodstain, that reviewers eat

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Dystopia Lives!

Sep 04 2014

The old "€œmen don"€™t read fiction"€ saw is making the rounds of the publishing industry again. It's more a self-fulfilling prophecy than a valid judgment

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The Terror of a Would-Be Wanker

Aug 28 2014

Only an adolescent, overgrown or otherwise, thinks that all his friends are leading lights of their age and demands that they be hailed as such.

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Get Off My Lawn and Go Read a Book

Aug 21 2014

Being neither rocket-scientist material nor chipper by temperament, I have never been able to pile up the tower of steaming hubris it would take to