Ann Sterzinger

Ann Sterzinger

Novelist, editor, affable misanthrope. I try to be affable, anyhow.

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Sergeant Samuel Finlay: Shot and Not Heard

Aug 14 2014

I was raised Catholic, so no matter how my soul yearns to be free of piety, I have to break down and roll around in

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Fake Detective

Aug 07 2014

Lately I"€™ve been hearing more and more dribs and drabs of the depressing controversy over whether literature has any empire left over pop culture. Well,

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Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham’s Hot Air Music

Jul 30 2014

Young Lena Dunham, the most talked-about writer of her generation, is finally about to publish something like a book. Oh, goody. Prior to Not That

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Liberty Island Media, Part II: The Long Slog of Roy Griffis

Jul 23 2014

If they do nothing else and shut down tomorrow, the Liberty Island literary website crew deserve love for digging up novelist Roy M. Griffis, a

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Brooklyn Bridge

Liberty Island Media, Part I: Silly Rejects!

Jul 16 2014

Not five months out from its launch this March, the right-leaning literary website Liberty Island recently earned a logic-impaired hate note from the fiction editor

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The Watergate Building, Foggy Bottom

The Weasels of Watergate: Phil Stanford’s White House Call Girl

Jul 02 2014

People get breathtakingly angry when they think they"€™ve gotten away with something ... and then they don"€™t. The more time has passed between the deed

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Good Taste in the Flyover States

Jun 25 2014

Literature has failed for decades to compete with the visceral arts in live venues, which makes one want to punch one's musician friends in the

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The Evil Muse of Bradley Smith

Jun 18 2014

Sometimes a book is so rich and alive that through a kind of synesthesia it makes you rethink your crotchety opinions about other art forms.

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Better Soon Than Late: The NYT Calls it Right

Jun 03 2014

The New York Times"€™ first female executive editor was recently canned after only three years on the job, and geniuses from Gawker to New Republic