Gavin McInnes

Gavin McInnes

Described as "The Godfather of Hipsterdom," Canadian expat Gavin McInnes is a writer who cofounded Vice Magazine in 1994. After selling his shares in early 2008, he cofounded the website Street Carnage as well as the advertising agency Rooster New York where he serves as creative director. He is a regular on the Fox News show Red Eye and recently published a book of memoirs with Simon & Schuster entitled How to Piss in Public. Follow @Gavin_McInnes on Twitter.


Storm Troopers

On Friday, my Rebel Media colleague Laura Loomer (formerly with Pamela Geller and Project ...


They Want Us Dead

A Marxist professor at Syracuse University just called on lunatics to come and kill us. "...


This is War!

Someone got stabbed at my DePaul talk on Tuesday night and that's not even the craziest pa...



Is everyone still furious at God Emperor Trump for raining down 59 Tomahawks on Beaker? &#...


Like White on Rice

On Sunday, Mike Cernovich proved that Trump's wiretapping allegations are true. In a piece...
Banksy Protest Mural, Palestine

Two States

Trump in Israel

I"€™m in Israel right now doing a talk in Tel Aviv called "€œTrump in Israel"€ and ...

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