Gavin McInnes

Gavin McInnes

Described as "The Godfather of Hipsterdom," Canadian expat Gavin McInnes is a writer who cofounded Vice Magazine in 1994. After selling his shares in early 2008, he cofounded the website Street Carnage as well as the advertising agency Rooster New York where he serves as creative director. He is a regular on the Fox News show Red Eye and recently published a book of memoirs with Simon & Schuster entitled How to Piss in Public. Follow @Gavin_McInnes on Twitter.

Kanye West, Yeezus Tour 2013

Another Defenestration

No Saving Ye

“I like Hitler,” said Kanye West (now Ye) to approximately 15 million people on Alex Jones’ Info Wars last week. Jones tried to defuse the situation by clarifying Ye’s point and assuming it was a gesture to all people—good and ...

Mandolyna Theodoracopulos and Gavin McInnes

Alternative Right

So Long, Taki!

This will be my last column for Takimag. It’s been almost exactly ten years at about 1,000 words a week. That’s half a million words or the equivalent of half a dozen books. I’m so thankful to Taki and his daughter, Mandolyna, for giving me ...


Empowering the Radicals

The president has become “completely unhinged,” Jimmy Kimmel told his viewers on Tuesday night. He had just canceled all their scheduled programming to focus on the president’s press conference regarding Charlottesville. This is a day after ...

Another Defenestration

Google Tech Fired for Using Google

Google is a brilliant search engine where they accrue seemingly infinite amounts of data and organize it into patterns. When you type in “cars” it takes you to the most popular car-buying site as well as all the dealerships within a 30-mile ...


The West Is History

Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk is killing it at the box office and will likely gross over $200M. It’s a horrible movie that is stressful to watch and never seems to end. The timeline switches back and forth, leaving the viewer scared, confused, and ...

Charlize Theron


American’s Got Talent and Hope

Most of us here agree that PC has taken over, but it's worth doing a random sampling to see how true that is. What I learned will surprise you. It might not be as ubiquitous as you think. Political correctness has been around since the 1990s, but ...


The Tragedy of Doctor Who

The new Doctor Who is a woman. "€œAll the cool humans are thrilled,"€ cooed Mashable; "€œPissboys Are Melting Down,"€ added Dorkly (when did nerds start talking like bitter drag queens?). The Telegraph was slightly more sober and wrote off ...

The Untold Story

They Call Americans Monsters

This week gossip blogs like CNN focused on a black stripper who was being harassed by her ex-fiancé, Kim Kardashian's brother. It was obviously a pathetic display of myopic minutiae, but it was also a telling look at our cultural priorities. Blac ...

Another Defenestration

Save the Five!

"€œWhite supremacists have no place in the armed forces,"€ screeched the Huffington Post. "€œForces members who disrupted Indigenous rally face "€˜severe consequences,"€™"€ warned the CBC. "€œPathetic, dumb, and dangerous: The Proud ...

Canadian Poutine


Canada’s 150th From A to Zed

Canada turns 150 this weekend, which is weird because it's only 37. The left is trying to make this aboot "€œa celebration of indigenous genocide"€ because they"€™re party poopers, but the best way to deal with people like that is to party. I ...


Storm Troopers

On Friday, my Rebel Media colleague Laura Loomer (formerly with Pamela Geller and Project Veritas) stormed Shakespeare in the Park's rendition of Julius Caesar here in NYC. She was angered by their depiction of Caesar's murder, which had been ...


They Want Us Dead

A Marxist professor at Syracuse University just called on lunatics to come and kill us. "€œWe almost have the fascists on the run,"€ she said from her Twitter account, @danaleecloud, "€œcome down to the federal building to finish them ...

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