Chief Clarence Louie

Public Nuisances

The Big-Screen TVs of Turtle Island

“Why is there ALWAYS a big screen tv?” That was Saskatchewan blogger Kate McMillan’s one-line post about Canada’s “First Nations communities” last Friday night. So she noticed that, too—Canada’s presumably oppressed ...

Public Nuisances

Let’s Squash the Squatters

Squatting. It’s so…European. Like the bidet, squatting as political theater never caught on in America. Lengthy “vigils” and “tent cities”—such as the Ottawa Peace Camp on Parliament Hill (1983-85) inspired by ...

Mark Garfield Moore aka Prezidenteeh

Public Nuisances

A Canadian Hip-Hop Serial Killer?

Michael Moore’s unsolicited tongue baths to the contrary, Canada’s crime rate isn’t lower because we have fewer guns than America, as yet another peer-reviewed study proved this month. One theory holds, as Colby Cosh put it ...

Public Nuisances

Occupy Wall Street: No Vacancies

The left is desperate to have Occupy Wall Street ripple into a movement to challenge the Tea Party. The problem is that this movement’s “Occupants” are as relevant as navel lint. The Occupants say one reason they need a movement ...

Warren Buffett

Public Nuisances

The Orifice of Omaha

Warren Buffett is the outspoken ass of a generation. Perhaps that comes with being conservative in his demeanor yet liberal with other people’s money. But this extends well beyond Buffett’s constant caterwauling for higher ...

Public Nuisances

The Obama Family Circus

Not so long ago, Barack Obama electrified and mesmerized not only America but the entire solar system and even parts of the Crab Nebula with his transparently empty promises, his smooth mulatto charisma, and an oratory prowess that sent ...

Public Nuisances

How to Comment Without Getting Killed

Oh, what a warm womb of anonymity the Internet provides for the frustrated, the voiceless, the inadequate, the terminally unpleasant, the unpublished writers, and the grown men who live in their mothers’ basements on welfare! Shrouded ...

Somali Sex Trafficking Arrestees

Public Nuisances

Canada’s Somali Problem

Let’s consider ourselves fortunate that Canada’s Somali settlers—the word “immigrant” is so 20th century—seem more or less content with killing each other. On the last day of July, the Edmonton Journal devoted not two, not ...

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Public Nuisances

Discrimination, Good and Bad

Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary defines the word “discriminate” as a transitive verb meaning “to mark or perceive the distinguishing or peculiar features of…to make a distinction…to use good judgment.” It lists ...

Public Nuisances

No Justice, No Piece of the Pie

Protesters from the it’s-so-fun-to-wreak-havoc-together outfit “No Justice, No BART” disrupted BART trains’ operation in several San Francisco stations the other day, to the chagrin of the day’s commuters. Or at least I ...

Public Nuisances

Tips for Big Babies

While I’m all for increased awareness of modern America’s sexual dimorphism crisis, we face a much more serious problem—one from which all other social problems emanate like a nasty bathroom smell. I’m talking about the ...

Philip Roth

Public Nuisances

Philip Roth: Still Offending the Squares

Even as a septuagenarian, Philip Roth can’t seem to stop offending the kind of people who make it their business to be offended all the damn time. The latest case in point: the very public and ill-tempered resignation of feminist ...

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