Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson is a nationally recognized rising star among young conservative thinkers, writers, and political commentators.

Bitch, Please!

Disenfranchising the Dead and Nonexistent

Dec 12 2011

In a country that has a black president, the NAACP—a black organization—warns that blacks are being disenfranchised? There are currently more than 15 million registered


Gloria Allred

Blame it on Cain

Nov 09 2011

Herman Cain is under attack, so why aren’t the Hollyweirdos flocking to his aid? Why won’t Alec Baldwin stop pimping Capital One credit cards long

Bravery Hurts

Muammar Gaddafi

Gaddafi’s Bitter (and Sore) End

Nov 02 2011

Being a dictator must be an amazing intoxicant. Given the choice between keeping his throne or living a life of lavish luxury in exile, Muammar


President Barack Obama

The Incredible Shrinking Messiah

Oct 26 2011

From Bono the rock star to Bozo the clown, Obama is polling lower than the teats on a pregnant weenie dog. Obama has been relegated

Knock Off

Real Rules for Fake Radicals

Oct 19 2011

What will the much-ballyhooed Occupy Wall Street movement do when it’s officially declared to be on life support? If you believe the Los Angeles Times,

Cultural Caviar

Occupy Wall Street: No Vacancies

Oct 12 2011

The left is desperate to have Occupy Wall Street ripple into a movement to challenge the Tea Party. The problem is that this movement’s “Occupants”

Afternoon Delight

Janeane Garafolo

Garofalo: Guardian of the Lowly Negro

Oct 04 2011

Janeane Garofalo likes her politicians like she likes her coffee…black. In her most recent psychotic attempt to help the black achiever Herman Cain, Garofalo ranted:


Barack Obama with the Congressional Black Caucus

When Black Liberals Attack (Each Other)

Sep 27 2011

The Congressional Black Caucus found out that if you’re gonna cuss the boss, first you’d better saddle your horse. They threw Obama a campaign party


Spread the Poverty!

Sep 21 2011

I have a new slogan for Obama: Spread the Poverty! We are told that more people now live below the poverty line than ever. But


The Obama Bible, AKA The New Book of Jobs

Sep 13 2011

Apparently the $447B check cleared and Obama was allowed to deliver Part Two of the “American Jobs Speech” he gave last Thursday. To set the