Cultural Caviar

The Shame Sham

Like all societies before it, our society considers nothing more shameful than to be shame...


Sour Thoughts From the Police Beat

Things don"€™t work like they spoza. A cause of this dysfunction is the notion that crim...

Cultural Caviar

Unjust Crimes and Unjust Executions

Apart from pulp novels, airport bookshops often have an eccentric selection of books. A fe...

Cultural Caviar

Woody Allen

Sacrificing Virgins to the Entertainment Gods

Raping a child can land you in prison for life"€”unless you"€™ve made some cool movies...

Cultural Caviar

World of Witchcraft

Human-rights groups and assorted do-gooders have been filling up my Twitter timeline with ...


Sam Mullet

Thou Shalt Not Hate Beards

Reality has made quoting Malcolm Muggeridge impossible. That’s OK by me, because bet...

Cultural Caviar

Kermit Gosnell

The Pro-Death Movement

I once read that all societies throughout history were consistent in that they deemed it w...


General Nicolò Pollari

Outsourcing Torture

Last week, Italy became the first nation to condemn and sentence to prison two of its own ...

Cultural Caviar

Bring Back the Duel

I didn’t go to college, let alone law school. So when I started joking a few years b...

Cultural Caviar

The Lord Black of Crossharbour

Anti-Black Prejudice

Ex-media mogul and ex-con Conrad Black is doing press for his new book A Matter of Princip...

Cultural Caviar

Anders Behring Breivik

Medicating Morality in Norway

I suspect that Norwegians regard themselves as exceptionally decent and highly civilized. ...