Beirut, Lebanon


Look to the Lebanon

There is, apparently, a saying in the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the effect that anyone who says that he understands the Lebanon does not understand the Lebanon. I am not sure that this saying does not apply to most countries, possibly even to Liechtenstein. Nevertheless, human beings are compelled by their nature to try to understand what ...


Giving Away the Gender-Bending Ending

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 53 years on this earth, it’s to never interrupt a good mania. Because you can’t. Manias simply have to play themselves out. In 2020, the mania on the right about how Covid came from a ...


Ignoring Reality, Courting Irrelevance

As a youth, I was privileged to personally observe Willis Carto in his prime. For those too young to remember, Carto was the QAnon/Alex Jones of the pre-internet era. His newspaper, The Spotlight, was a wide-circulation “conspiracy ...


Doom and Groomer

“Hey, conservatives: I present to you a no-lose issue with broad-based appeal. Schools are teaching that biological sex doesn’t exist, ‘women’ are a social construct, and small children should be told they can swap genders. You ...


Leftist Can-Do vs. Rightist Voodoo

Don’t Loughner me, bro. Remember Jared Loughner? He’s the nutbag who shot Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and killed (among others) a federal judge and a small child. Loughner was a schizo lost in his own head, his sanity drowned in a ...

El Paso, TX


My Nation-Unifying Impeachment Solution

Senate Republicans should offer to convict Donald Trump in return for Democrats agreeing to fund the wall. Trump is not going to run again anyway. In four years, he will be as viable a presidential candidate as Hillary was in 2020. You ...

Canadian Poutine


Canada’s 150th From A to Zed

Canada turns 150 this weekend, which is weird because it's only 37. The left is trying to make this aboot "€œa celebration of indigenous genocide"€ because they"€™re party poopers, but the best way to deal with people like that ...


Better Left Unsaid

Future historians, if there are any, will look on our epoch as one of bad temper. The ease with which people are provoked to the expression of outrage suggests that it has a very important function in our mental life, if not necessarily ...


10 Real Resolutions for White Guys

MTV News just released a remarkably patronizing New Year's guide entitled "€œ2017 Resolutions for White Guys,"€ and boy, are us white guys angry. It's a video with white beta cucks, ethnically ambiguous minorities, and a black guy ...

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