Trinity Centre


The End of an Error

Obituary notices are not usually a source of great fun. If one should not speak ill of the...

Martin McGuinness


A Complicated Eulogy

It would have been a surprise if the obituaries of Martin McGuinness, chief of staff of th...


The Church of Chick

Jack Chick is dead, alas, and along with him any hope for new additions to his corpus of s...
David Bowie as the


The Thin White Corpse

Another day, another dead British rock star who famously flirted with fascist symbolism. ...
Pete Seeger


If I Had a Sickle

After tormenting the rest of us for nigh on a century, last week that unrepentant communis...
Eddie Ulmann


A Farewell to Bunky

The only man I know who belonged to more gentlemen's clubs than Eddie Ulmann was the late ...
Hugo Chavez


Remembering Hugo

You will be missed, Hugo Chavez. The world has lost a man who was larger than life, and we...
Phyllis Diller


5 x 6 Feet Under

The Grim Reaper thinned the herd of baby-boomer entertainment icons this summer. Ernest Bo...

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