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The Trillion-Dollar Question

Back in March, I asked in my Taki’s Magazine column “Diversity Versus Debate”: Does ...

Tech Overload

Mark Zuckerberg wax figure at Madame Tussaud's

Smartphone Slavery

President Mark Zuckerberg. Your lips better get used to mouthing that name. The King of F...

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Facebook Is Not Watching You

Following every national crisis, the Internet serves as a community bulletin board where a...

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Jean Harlow and Marie Dressler

Robot Hookers of the Near Future

Jean Harlow’s final, deliciously pre-Code exchange with matronly Marie Dressler in 1...

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U.S. Department of Defense

Pay Attention and Think Fast

I recently found in The American Conservative a piece called "€œ40 Years of the "€˜Fig...

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F22 Raptor

An Inside Look at the Defense Industry

In early 2035, the thirty-fourth year of the war against al-Qaeda, the Pentagon issued a W...

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Curse of the Nerd Dildo

When I was a larval nerdling in graduate school, I allowed myself to be seen in public pla...

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Is Our Guardian Angel Big Brother?

“Gentlemen do not read each other’s mail,” said Secretary of State Henry...

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Google Goggles

As if smart phones weren’t irritating enough, by the end of the year people will be ...

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Smash Nomophobia!

Nomophobia, or "€œno-mobile-phobia,"€ sounds as stupid as luposlipaphobia. At least t...

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Foxconned: Who Makes our Computers?

Ghosts were the first thing I remember frightening me as a child. Arthur C. Clarke once sa...

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Don’t Fear the Robot: Why I Finally Joined Facebook

I recently joined this cool new social-networking site called “Facebook” because my pu...

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Over the Hill at 35

A lady recently asked Barack Obama why the government is issuing and extending H-1B visas...

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The Golden Dodo Bird in the Sky

The F-35 is the latest marvel brought to us by the military-industrial complex. It’s pre...