The Untold Story

Which Holocaust Did You Mean?

I wagered a Takimag writer that the New York Times and its international excuse for a news...

The Untold Story

Regensburg Cathedral

Deutschland, Deutschland!

Boo to the C.I.A.! It got caught spying on Germany and its top man in Berlin has been sent...

The Untold Story

White Devils for a Free Africa

I write this while American unmanned flights and 18 American "€œspecialists"€ are loo...

The Untold Story

Blenheim Palace

Curse You, Supply and Demand!

Like many pundits opining upon French economist Thomas Piketty's new book about how the ri...

The Untold Story

Sochi 2013

Don”€™t Bait the Bears

Back in 1961 a CIA agent and I approached Thomas Lejus, who won the 1959 boys"€™ singles...

The Untold Story

Cliven Bundy

The Vanishing Yokel

Even his homespun-sounding name"€”Cliven Bundy"€”hints that he is part of a dying bree...

The Untold Story

Young Theodore Roosevelt

A More Sinister Equality

Patriotic effusions, whosever they may be, seldom please citizens of other nations, becaus...

The Untold Story

But Is It Good for the Gays?

Young Jewish Man: "€œIs there a proper blessing for the Czar?"€ Rabbi: "€œA blessin...

The Untold Story

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Return of the Japan Scam

One of life’s safest bets is that following a visit by a Japanese premier to the Yas...

The Untold Story

Joseph Caillaux

World War I

By the time August rolls around there will be hundreds of books, thousands of articles, an...

The Untold Story

Same Old Neocons

During these holidays we should take a second and send our best wishes to the neocons, poo...

The Untold Story

Nelson Mandela

Mandela: What the Obits Omit

When the kind-faced mocha Yoda named Nelson Mandela passed into the great beyond last week...

The Untold Story

Simon Wiesenthal

The Turkey Who Cried Wolf

Here's a funny coincidence. Just as Netanyahu is hyperventilating against the interim deal...

The Untold Story

Democracy’s Dhimmis and Dummies

There is no doubt in my mind that we wish our destruction. What else could it be? An Elder...