Atala au tombeau, Girodet, 1808 - Musée du Louvre

Vile Bodies

The Butt of the Joke

You know you are getting old when even the judges look young; but another sign of aging is...

Vile Bodies

Beneath Paris

The French, I think, must be world champions in the production of books lamenting the stat...

Vile Bodies

On a High Note

The world is a dangerous place whose inhabitation always ends in death. Is it because or i...

Vile Bodies

Catalog Slog

Ours is a golden age of expensive cheap trash"€”or is it cheap expensive trash? Such, at...

Vile Bodies

Blubber Blame

A recent paper in The New England Journal of Medicine describes the use of surgery to redu...
George Soros

Vile Bodies

Hail the Ghoul!

If pure, absolute evil needed one day to be translated into a singular eponym, George Soro...

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