Vile Bodies

Beneath Paris

The French, I think, must be world champions in the production of books lamenting the stat...

Vile Bodies

Liam Gallagher

Checking In With Liam

I rarely buy The Sunday Times, a British newspaper with as many sections and supplements a...

Vile Bodies


A Dream Wedding…for the Tabloids

The Brits are big on weddings, and Pippa is getting hitched sometime this autumn, or maybe...

Vile Bodies

On a High Note

The world is a dangerous place whose inhabitation always ends in death. Is it because or i...

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European Parliament

The Dangers of Saccharine

I flew to Paris the day Brussels was bombed. It was a fine day"€”weather-wise"€”and as...

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Catalog Slog

Ours is a golden age of expensive cheap trash"€”or is it cheap expensive trash? Such, at...

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Nygard Residence, Nassau

Wilderness: For Sale?

The Bahamas"€”A calm swath of turquoise sea protected by a hundred-mile string of island...

Vile Bodies

Blubber Blame

A recent paper in The New England Journal of Medicine describes the use of surgery to redu...

Vile Bodies

Not-So-Sweet “€™16

2016 will be a hell of a year, hell being the operative word. It will be the year that the...

Vile Bodies

George Soros

Hail the Ghoul!

If pure, absolute evil needed one day to be translated into a singular eponym, George Soro...

Vile Bodies

Flying Off the Handle

I am no great admirer of management as a science or of managers as people. The latter tend...

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Gluttons for Punishment

I hate sweet drinks"€”Coca-Cola et al."€”so passionately that I grow angry whenever I ...

Vile Bodies

A Probing Question

What I don"€™t know about sex can fill a book. (Literally!) But somehow, contrary to the...

Vile Bodies

I Believe You Will Agree

Charb (Stéphane Charbonnier) was one of the people killed in the attack on Charlie Heb...