Deposition by Daniele da Volterra

Vile Bodies

Il Braghettone in UNESCO

UNESCO headquarters in Paris are offended by the nudes, and so they have been forced to c...

Oleg Cassini

Vile Bodies

Wicked Widow

How much money is enough? Would $30 million suffice for an old woman with no children? ...
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, 2016

Vile Bodies

Carpet Bomb

Pat Buckley would be spinning in her grave if she knew what has happened to the Met Gala s...
Michael Cohen

Vile Bodies

Rat Tales

Nobody likes a rat. No one outside of his immediate family will be sad to see Michael Cohe...
Glastonbury Campsite

Vile Bodies

Pray for Rain

In my salad days as vulgarity correspondent"€”that is to say, a reporter on the disgusti...

Vile Bodies

Tattoo Much

Ariana Grande, of whom I had not heard until Salman Abedi killed 22 people at her "€œcon...

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