Vile Bodies

Lady Jane Erskine

Class Rejects: A Guide to the British Aristocracy

Please accompany me along the career trajectory of my English friend Minty. She receives a...

Vile Bodies

Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris known as Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier: Liar, Cheat, Thief, and Plagiarist

Some time ago, I was asked to review a vast biography of Bertolt Brecht, the German playwr...

Vile Bodies

Melania Trump

Human Nature’s Difficult Need for Esteem

There is a 42-year-old mother in Houston who, in her mad longing to be “the perfect woma...

Vile Bodies

Glastonbury Campsite

Pray for Rain

In my salad days as vulgarity correspondent"€”that is to say, a reporter on the disgusti...

Vile Bodies

Tattoo Much

Ariana Grande, of whom I had not heard until Salman Abedi killed 22 people at her "€œcon...

Vile Bodies

Atala au tombeau, Girodet, 1808 - Musée du Louvre

The Butt of the Joke

You know you are getting old when even the judges look young; but another sign of aging is...

Vile Bodies

Dress to Regress

What I really hate about Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg's T-shirts. Of course, his whole inv...

Vile Bodies

Mark Zuckerberg

What the Zuck?!

Who was it who said that behind every great fortune lies a great crime? The answer is a Fr...

Vile Bodies

Normalizing Degeneracy

Earlier this week we learned that Micah Rhodes, one of the heads of Portland's Resistance ...

Vile Bodies

Beneath Paris

The French, I think, must be world champions in the production of books lamenting the stat...

Vile Bodies

Liam Gallagher

Checking In With Liam

I rarely buy The Sunday Times, a British newspaper with as many sections and supplements a...

Vile Bodies


A Dream Wedding…for the Tabloids

The Brits are big on weddings, and Pippa is getting hitched sometime this autumn, or maybe...

Vile Bodies

On a High Note

The world is a dangerous place whose inhabitation always ends in death. Is it because or i...

Vile Bodies

European Parliament

The Dangers of Saccharine

I flew to Paris the day Brussels was bombed. It was a fine day"€”weather-wise"€”and as...