Christopher DeGroot

Christopher DeGroot

Christopher DeGroot is the editor of The Agonist. His writing has appeared in The American Spectator, The Daily Caller, American Thinker, Frontpage Magazine, New English Review, Jacobite Magazine, The Unz Review, VoegelinView, Splice Today, Ygdrasil, A Journal of the Poetic Arts, and elsewhere. Follow him at @CEGrotius.

Deep Thoughts

Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro’s Morality Play

Sep 14 2018

“Indifferent hacks and mediocrities tower, by pushing their forces to a lucrative point, or by working power, over multitudes of superior men.” —Emerson It is


Junk Science and the Feminist Manipulation Agenda: Part 2

Sep 07 2018

Troubled by unequal outcomes between the sexes, progressive economists Kerwin Kofi Charles, Jonathan Guryan, and Jessica Pan act as if these were necessarily wrong, as

Cultural Caviar

Junk Science and the Feminist Manipulation Agenda: Part 1

Aug 31 2018

In his tearjerker Aug. 19 article in The New York Times, “How Sexism Follows Women From the Cradle to the Workplace,” Jim Tankersley provides a

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Avital Ronell

The Sorrows of Young Nimrod the Toady

Aug 24 2018

“I hope the reader of a later age will pardon me for detaining him with persons of whom he has never heard.” —Schopenhauer If it’s


The Revenge of the Weak

Aug 17 2018

Listen to him squeal like a stuck pig, dear reader, his words the language of triumphant Western decay. His name is Eduardo Bonilla-Silva and, being

Cultural Caviar

President Donald Trump

Jeffrey Sachs and Bandy Lee: The Stupidest Experts in America

Aug 10 2018

It would be difficult to imagine a greater example of oblivious stupidity and hubris than Jeffrey Sach and Bandy Lee’s recent article for Project Syndicate,

Hate Cries

Get Ready for Charlottesville Part 2

Aug 03 2018

In all of the U.S., a nation of well over 300 million people, there are perhaps fewer than 10,000 actual white supremacists. Language, however, creates

Cultural Caviar

Nothing Is Safe From Resentment

Jul 27 2018

The grim corollary of what I have called human nature’s difficult need for esteem is that nothing is safe from resentment. For so vital is

Cultural Caviar

America’s Delusional Self-Destructiveness

Jul 20 2018

Progressives and their neocon brethren have been predictably outraged this week, because at the press conference after the Helsinki summit on Monday, our president appeared

Cultural Caviar

Progressive Academia’s Threat to Free Speech

Jul 13 2018

Far from being a controversial figure like conservative judge Robert Bork, whose confirmation was denied by the Senate in 1987, Brett Kavanaugh will probably be


President Donald Trump

The Psychological Naïveté of Trump’s Moralistic Critics

Jul 06 2018

From the Never Trump Republicans to Hollywood to academia, moralistic criticism of Donald Trump has been common ever since he became a serious candidate for


Sonia Sotomayor

The Worship of Jackals by Jackasses

Jun 29 2018

Fire in each eye, and papers in each hand, They rave, recite, and madden round the land. —Pope American democracy, said H.L. Mencken, is “the

Issue of the Century

The Ignorance of Trump’s Moralizing Critics

Jun 22 2018

If there is one thing we can count on in our age of expert ignorance, it is that experts in their intellectual and moral smugness

Cultural Caviar

The Case for Gender-Segregated Universities

Jun 15 2018

It is an old theme of literature that men and women, in the throes of passion, tend to fool themselves and each other. As Schopenhauer

Cultural Caviar

Duty to Others in an Age of Individuals

Jun 08 2018

There is a striking passage in Edith Hamilton’s study The Echo of Greece (1957) that reads like a description of America in 2018. Reflecting on


Will Prostitution Become Legal in America?

Jun 01 2018

In a recent op-ed for The Washington Times, Grazie Pozo Christie takes feminists to task for their opposition to the shutting down of, a

Cultural Caviar

Diversity Comes for Science

May 25 2018

Having given free rein to our essentially affective or irrational nature—a nature that, in their pride, many don’t want to recognize—we have entered an age


More Bad News for Feminists

May 18 2018

It is only through ignorance or suppression of the truth that anyone can believe in the leftist worldview, a kind of bad morality play that

Cultural Caviar

The Centrist Illusion

May 11 2018

Like many of us, Michael Shermer is troubled by America’s increasing polarization. In a recent article in Quillette, “How Classical Liberalism Can Heal the Bonds

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Pope Francis

Maxims for Life, an Antidote to Hope: Part Two

May 04 2018

Morality is a mixed thing. “Do we really want peace?” Pope Francis asks on Twitter. Believing the answer is yes, one of the most influential


Maxims for Life, an Antidote to Hope: Part One

Apr 27 2018

Jordan Peterson has published a popular new book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, and the man is traveling the world to discuss


The Truth About Progressive Companies

Apr 20 2018

Progressive companies are not only of rich sociological interest; they often provide wonderful unintended comedy. For close scrutiny shows that, on the whole, progressive companies


Antagonism: The Overlooked Value

Apr 13 2018

“But I am DeGroot,” I objected with DeGrootesque dignity, “and what is more, I write for Taki’s Magazine!” “Taki’s Magazine!” the burly black bouncers parroted


The Education America Needs

Apr 06 2018

It is easy for leftist intellectuals to condescend to President Trump; the man says he does not read books, and as we all know, he


No Empathy for Men

Mar 30 2018

The editorial standards at The Atlantic, as I demonstrated a little while back in my essay for New English Review on contributing editor Ian Bogost,


A Tale of Black Racism

Mar 23 2018

There is a lot to be learned from conceiving of people as vehicles of ideas. For ideas, whether right or wrong, good or bad, well