James E. Miller

James E. Miller

James E. Miller works as a digital marketer in Virginia.


Chicago Hope

Jul 23 2017

In Chicago, the kids aren"€™t all right. Graduation rates within its public schools were recently downgraded after a "€œstatistical error"€ overinflated the numbers. News of

Cultural Caviar

Those Sweet, Surly Bonds of Earth

Jan 06 2017

Why is it that all our heroes inevitably try to kill us? From Winston Churchill to Albert Einstein, the people we laud the most were,


These Crazy Pills Taste Like Sour Grapes

Dec 12 2016

It's difficult to know which part of me to trust these days: my intuition or my own lying eyes. The glut of "€œfake news"€ filling

Cultural Caviar

All Hail Lord Zuckerberg!

Nov 18 2016

The millennial Master of the Universe Social Media is taking a stand for veritas in journalism. His personal playground known as Facebook just announced it


“€˜NR”€™ Is Not Relevant

Nov 11 2016

Like many, Donald Trump's stunning capture of the United States presidency caught me by surprise. I had written off his unorthodox campaign as untenable in


Stop the Press!

Oct 24 2016

I hope and pray that October 17, 2016, will be remembered as the day press credibility in America died. The Center for Public Integrity, a

Cultural Caviar

Neo Realism

Oct 11 2016

Get your red pill ready"€”the Matrix is real. At least that's what a bunch of tech nerds think. Two high-dollar Silicon Valley investors are paying

Cultural Caviar

An Epidemic of Clowns

Oct 05 2016

Don"€™t you love a farce? My fault, I fear I thought that you"€™d want what I want, sorry my dear But where are the clowns?


Identity Crisis

Sep 08 2016

I have a confession to make: I enjoy reading New York Times columnist David Brooks. (Wait, don"€™t hit the "€œback"€ button on your browser yet!


A Slow Drifting Apart

Aug 24 2016

Should America fall apart (God forfend!), Jonathan Haidt will be the doom merchant who rang the alarm bell the loudest. The social psychologist just gave


Erick Erickson

Erickson’s Unholy Crusade

Aug 11 2016

There are many things to enjoy about Donald Trump's unlikely climb to the head of the Republican Party. The media outcry, the resurgence of America

Cultural Caviar

University of Washington

Liabilities of Liberalism

Jul 25 2016

"€œLiberalism,"€ James Burnham once wrote, "€œis the ideology of western suicide."€ Writers on the right find it fashionable to cite Burnham's decree. In an era


Johnson’s Rise and Imminent Fall

Jun 23 2016

After a contentious convention fight, former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson has emerged the presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party. As a successful two-term governor,


Fourth Estate Hate

Jun 06 2016

Let it not be said that I started the indignant repulsion. That honor belongs to Takimag's own Joan of Snarkadia, the great Kathy Shaidle. Her


Give Me Liberty or Give Me Something Better

May 19 2016

There is no libertarian moment. Contrary to popular opinion, the self-styled "€œliberty movement"€ is not ushering in a new era of freedom. Friedrich Hayek's books


The Debt Offensive

May 13 2016

God help Donald Trump's critics. The paroxysms they have after the mogul"€“turned"€“GOP nominee's policy pronouncements can"€™t be good for their health. The latest is a

Issue of the Century

America’s Thinning Cohesion

May 03 2016

When you take away a man's identity, is he left with anything worthwhile? I pondered that question when listening to a sympathetic NPR report on


Andrew Jackson

Chopping Down Old Hickory

Apr 21 2016

Instead of wishing he"€™d shot Henry Clay, I bet Andrew Jackson is now wishing he could plug Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. This week, Secretary Lew

Church and State

Freedom Highway, Atlanta

The Business End of Freedom

Mar 31 2016

If you still believe big business is, as novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand famously described it, "€œAmerica's Persecuted Minority,"€ then you must be on the


Dignity in Dirty Work

Mar 02 2016

Stop me if you"€™ve heard this one before: There are some jobs Americans won"€™t do. Therefore, we need Third World labor to come pick up


Bad Medicine

Feb 15 2016

Speaking before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, the embattled ex-CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, Martin Shkreli, defended his choice to increase the price of


Bernie Sanders

Wolf in Donkey’s Clothing

Feb 02 2016

Who would have thought the best presidential ad of the cycle would come from a self-identified socialist? Senator Bernie Sanders"€™ latest campaign video is not

District of Corruption

Elizabeth Warren

What Happened to the Wall Street Sheriff?

Jan 18 2016

Elizabeth Warren is a no-good, stinkin"€™ fraud. Yes, we"€™re all familiar with her embellishing her family bloodline by claiming to be a descendant of Native

Crime and Punishment

Washington D.C.

Pols on Patrol

Jan 08 2016

2015 may be the last year when Americans think of Washington, D.C., as a safe city. Last June, a video of a brutal beating between


We”€™re All Fascists Now

Dec 28 2015

After decades of bitterly partisan acrimony, a consensus has been forged. Americans on all sides of the political compass finally agree on something: Donald Trump


Marco Rubio

A Campus Crock

Nov 23 2015

To the average observer, the ongoing fight for the Republican presidential nomination is enough to make you hurl. Outside of Donald Trump's common-sense-laced rants, little