James Jackson

James Jackson

James Jackson is the author of acclaimed historical thrillers, including Blood Rock, Pilgrim, and Realm. As a postgraduate, he specialized in analyzing future terrorist trends and later wrote The Counter-terrorist Handbook. He worked for many years as a political-risk consultant, was called to the Bar, and is a member of the Inner Temple. He is based in London. For more information, please visit www.jamesjacksonbooks.com.

Princess Diana


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A Whiff of Protest

Ego olere ergo sum. (I stink, therefore I am.) Such could be the motto of the unpleasant a...


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Toff Luck

High Society

Toff Luck

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Curse The iPhone

Low Life

Curse The iPhone

"€˜Live for the here..."€™ That was the unsolicited advice proffered by an aged Beat ...

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