Brian LaSorsa

Brian LaSorsa

Brian LaSorsa is an opinion columnist in the Southeastern United States. Follow him on Twitter @BrianLaSorsa.

District of Corruption

The Opacity of Transparency

One day after Barack Obama's victory in 2008, the president-elect's campaign team launched its official transition website. The administration "€œwill strengthen whistleblower laws to protect federal workers who expose waste, fraud, and abuse of ...

Martin Luther King Jr.


Disarming the Slaves

The left's wailing about gun control should have been over at least two weeks ago, but Alex Jones's erratic interview with Piers Morgan provided enough fuel to keep the anti-gun flames stoked for many weeks into the future. I recently chronicled ...

Guns and Ammo

Shaming the Gun-Shame Lobby

Weeks after the Sandy Hook shooting, which was blamed on everything from Ke$ha to Mortal Kombat, most news outlets are still in panic mode. One newspaper, though, went “full retard.” The Journal News of Lower Hudson sought to shame gun ...

Family Guy


A Model Society of Enlightened Wimps

Nowadays the first step to take after a school shooting, far from mourning or otherwise feeling sorry for the families whose children were killed by a maniac, is calling for new and immediate restrictions on gun ownership. The second step is ...


From Patriots to Expatriates

Immigrants in the early 20th century celebrated US citizenship. The threat of illness, death, and separation from their wives and children failed to deter these Europeans who fled their home countries for the promise of a better future. To them, ...

International Affairs

When Blowback Hits Home

On Monday, Iranians mourned the anniversary of a civilian airliner that a US missile shot down in 1988. The strike killed all 290 people aboard. This is the event that led George H. W. Bush to say, "€œI’ll never apologize for the United ...

PC World

What’s So Bad About Discrimination?

About two months ago I mentioned my disappointment that Raleigh, NC lacked Southern culture, only to be informed in the comment section that true sweet-tea-drinking Southerners don"€™t even consider the city to be part of the South. The longer I ...


How the Tea Party Sunk Itself

The Tea Party emerged about a year after I first got interested in libertarian politics, and I was proud to see people protesting against taxation and supporting individual freedom. They seemed committed to a vision of how to return our country to ...


Green on the Outside, Red on the Inside

Tuesday was World Environment Day. I loathe the environment. The United Nations has been stoking the flames of Earth worship since the early 1970s, when global cooling was all the rage. This year's theme is "€œGreen Economy: Does it include ...

Uncle Sam

The Federal Bureau of Entrapment

Last week three activists associated with the Occupy movement were arrested and accused of plotting an attack to protest the NATO summit. The group allegedly stockpiled Molotov cocktails and planned to burn down Barack Obama's campaign headquarters ...

George Clooney and Barack Obama


President O’s Hollywood Cult

Hollywood's making a funny new documentary featuring a handful of half-asleep champagne socialists who worship a charismatic government leader and then empty their wallets for his reelection campaign. You can watch the documentary as it's being made ...

PC World

A Confederacy of Censors

I"€™m living in North Carolina right now. When I first moved here, I thought I"€™d see people hanging out on their front porches, drinking whiskey with a splash of sweet tea, holding double-barrel shotguns close to their hearts, and proudly ...

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