Nick Scott

Nick Scott

Nick Scott started his career at Lloyds of London in the early 1970s. From there he moved into advertising as a copywriter with Darcy McManus and Masius. Following a ten year period in Andalucia to develop a family and redevelop an olive estate, he returned to London in the 90s and worked as a partner at T.Hoare and co., a major mining, oil and gas broking firm in the city. He is currently finishing a novel.

Cultural Caviar

Charlie Gilmour

Modern English

Aug 09 2011

Dear old England. What a wonderful country we live in. Change and decay in all around I see. Europe is in a state of near-collapse.

Cultural Caviar

Hugh Grant

Put a Gag on Hugh Grant

May 16 2011

To all men's eternal detriment, a conceited fool in the form of has-been actor Hugh Grant, self-appointed spokesman and shop-floor representative for chauvinist bigotry, spoke

British Politics

David Cameron and Boris Johnson

Cammy and Boris Scoff Buns

Feb 16 2011

Once upon a time at a famous school in La-La Land, Cammy Cam and Boris Bunter were sitting under an oak tree plaiting yellow ribbons

Cultural Caviar

The Prince’s Wedding Present

Jan 28 2011

When the modern-day eminences grises in grey suits from St. James’s gave the nod of approval to William and Kate’s marriage, only the most hardened


When the Punishment Fits the Crime

Jan 11 2011

My object all sublime I shall achieve in time"€” To let the punishment fit the crime"€” The punishment fit the crime. Was that a New


Coleen  Rooney

England: A Nation of Whiners in Search of Obscurity

Dec 27 2010

Now is the winter of our discontent Made ever more wretched by this lack of sun. Caught in a blighted, anarchic winter's grip, Britain is


All That Glitters is Not Gold (A Cautionary Tale in Two Parts)

Dec 01 2010

Part II Last week I wrote about my memorable-albeit-disagreeable encounter with one Daniel C. Leghorn in Bemelman's bar at New York's Carlyle hotel. It was


All That Glitters is Not Gold (A Cautionary Tale in Two Parts)

Nov 22 2010

Part I Following my recent tour of the Petropavlovsk gold project in Eastern Russia, I opted to return home by a somewhat circuitous route, spending


Russians Mine for Gold and an Old Etonian Recalls the U.S.S.R of 1967

Nov 02 2010

Looking back on it now, "€˜lunacy"€™ is the word that springs most readily to mind. It was Easter 1967. I was just sixteen and had


The Great Escape

Oct 20 2010

"€œI wouldn"€™t like to go to prison,"€ said Gimlet. "€œThe idea is a very unpleasant one."€ I had to agree with him. "€œThe conditions are


The Fat Women by Igor Grabar, 1904.

Gimlet’s Gold

Oct 14 2010

"€œLook at the size of those women!"€ exclaimed Gimlet as four enormous ladies waddled past the window. "€œThey ought to be ashamed of themselves. You


From Coleen Rooney to Kenmare Resources – It’s a Buy!

Sep 28 2010

It is not often that I see Gimlet floored but this morning was one of those occasions. He had been trawling through the newspapers, tut


Age of Aquarius

Sep 07 2010

Platinum—The only metal fit for a king!—Louis XV of France On Monday I returned from Fuengirola in the south of Spain, having spent the weekend


The Girls Guide to (Buying and Selling) Diamonds

Aug 12 2010

Beyond Benalmadena on Spain's famous Costa del Sol lies the town of Fuengirola. It is a sprawling commercial nightmare of a place, a tentacle of