Valle de los Caídos

Don’t Touch the Valley

On Sunday, hundreds of Spaniards descended on the Valley of the Fallen (Valle de los Caíd...


The Tory Taboo

The great lie by Leavers before the referendum was that there would be no losers as a resu...


A Matter of Sovereignty

The word "€œsovereignty"€ was bandied about during our E.U. referendum last year, and...


Elysee Palace

French Twists

The Fifth French Republic was created in 1959 by General de Gaulle, and its constitution w...


Le Grand Remplacement

Nobody seems to know exactly how fast France, the cultural heartland of the West over the ...


Angela Merkel

Game of States

The question of whether Britain should be in or out of the European Union might seem like ...


The Immigration Gambit

I haven"€™t actually made up my mind about this whole Brexit thing. The British will vo...


Decking the Red Whale

Perhaps it’s the sadistic caveman in me, but I have a lifelong love for the “s...


Sour Grapes Over Poland

Poland has been showered with what seems like excessive and surprisingly negative media at...


The Cologne Cover-up

I hope the Cologne mass sexual assaults will be of lasting and huge significance to Europe...


Francois Hollande

Against the Law

Credit where credit is due: President Hollande"€”who until then had never seemed à la...


Marine Le Pen or Tashfeen Malik?

French history is currently speeding up, which ought to be of intense interest to American...


Budapest, Hungary

Under Siege, Under Scrutiny

"€œThis refugee flow has outraged the right wing,"€ Kenneth Roth, Human Rights Watch'...


Fundamentally Wrong

The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union was drafted in 2000 and came into ...