Hate Cries

Jussie Smollett

Poetic Jusstice

In keeping with my self-imposed rule of assuming that every media-hyped hate-crime story t...

Hate Cries

Al Jolson

Blackface: What’s the Big Deal?

Virginia’s Democratic Party is currently in a state of white-hot (pun intended) crisis d...


False Until Proven True

“Innocent until proven guilty” is supposedly our legal standard regarding criminal pro...


William F. Buckley

Conservative Moral Prostitutes

“The world is what it is; men who are nothing, who allow themselves to become nothing, h...

Hate Cries

Julian von Abele

Love is Now a Hate Crime

On December 9 at about 4AM, a student at Columbia University filmed another student commit...


Get Ready for Charlottesville Part 2

In all of the U.S., a nation of well over 300 million people, there are perhaps fewer than...

Hate Cries

What’s Your Type?

Four LAPD squad cars pulled up in front of my house, lights flashing. Why? It turned ...

Hate Cries

August Ames

Get AIDS Or Kill Yourself

At age 23, female porn star August Ames had already appeared in nearly 300 movies, among t...

Hate Cries

Fight Makes Right

Last week, I spoke at a writers’ festival and there was a demonstration against the foll...


Who Truly Imperils Our Free Society?

“The Barbarian cannot make ... he can befog and destroy but ... he cannot sustain; a...


Maxine Waters

The Plot to Kill Maxine Waters

To my knowledge, there is no plot to kill the intellectually disadvantaged California Cong...

Hate Cries

Where Are All the White Supremacists?

I woke up this morning, sneezed, and then suddenly every white person in the world was a ...

Hate Cries

Skeered o”€™ the Racisms

There's a short story I read in my youth, but for the life of me I can"€™t recall the ti...

Hate Cries

Black Clouds Over the Rainbow

In case you weren"€™t aware because you"€™re some kind of bigoted and closeted asshole...