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“Fighting the Enemy”

Last week's suicide bombing in Manchester was the first Muslim terrorist attack on the Wes...

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Susan Sontag

Cool Detachment

I still haven"€™t memorized my cell phone number, or my husband's. I don"€™t remember ...

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Mahatma Gandhi, circa. 1927

Only the Onlys

I subject every new, hotly touted study to the Grandma Says test. That is, if you stick t...

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Sylvia Plath

Career Suicide

Decades after dying by her own hand, a renowned female American poet makes the news. Sessi...

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Affliction Du Jour

There Affectation, with a sickly mien, Shows in her cheek the roses of eighteen, Practis"...

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Ayn Rand

The Danger of Ayn Rand

"€œWhile Rand's inner circle continued to fray, Objectivism in New York was reaching fev...

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John Waters

John Waters, Singular Maniac

Filmmaker John Waters is one of those weather-vane celebs whom conservatives celebrate whe...

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Camille Paglia

“€˜Free”€™ Camille Paglia!

Empire waist floral baby doll dress, worn over black cycling shorts? Check. Doc Martens (o...

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Johnny Rotten and Steve Jones

Oversexed Pistol

"€œNo matter what madness I"€™m hearing from the podium, he's thrilling."€ That ob...

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Katy Perry

Twisted Sisters

So TCM ran The Nun's Story again, and I watched it again, and cried again. Which isn"€™t...

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Gustav Metzger

The Hitler of Gibsons

Steeltown was headbanger heaven. Heavy metal devotees stomped the streets of my hometown i...

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Depeche Mode in concert, Sweden 2010

Blasphemous Rumors About Richard Spencer

Did you have that stupid idea in high school too? That on prom night or graduation, you a...

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Warren Beatty and Fay Dunaway

Fifty Years of “€˜Bonnie and Clyde”€™

I haven"€™t cared about the Oscars since 1992's Silence of the Lambs sweep. Like, I pres...

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Isn”€™t It Romantic?

The most "€œValentine's Day"€ thing I"€™m doing this Valentine's Day is publishing ...