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“Fighting the Enemy”

Last week's suicide bombing in Manchester was the first Muslim terrorist attack on the West that didn"€™t make me angry or sad. I"€™m still haunted by and livid about Charlie Hebdo, the Bataclan, and Nice, to name only three. I still have nightmares"€”impotent dreams of vengeance, really"€”about September 11. But despite the youth of many ...

Sylvia Plath

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Career Suicide

Decades after dying by her own hand, a renowned female American poet makes the news. Sessions with her psychotherapist become public, revealing accusations of abuse and other sordid details of her already legendary life. Once more, ...

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Affliction Du Jour

There Affectation, with a sickly mien, Shows in her cheek the roses of eighteen, Practis"€™d to lisp, and hang the head aside, Faints into airs, and languishes with pride, On the rich quilt sinks with becoming woe, Wrapp"€™d in a ...

Ayn Rand

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The Danger of Ayn Rand

"€œWhile Rand's inner circle continued to fray, Objectivism in New York was reaching fever pitch. With much fanfare, in May 1967 NBI signed fifteen-year lease on offices in the Empire State Building, then the world's tallest building. ...

John Waters

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John Waters, Singular Maniac

Filmmaker John Waters is one of those weather-vane celebs whom conservatives celebrate when they point in roughly the right direction. For instance, and ironically, I"€™m writing this the day the inventor of the rainbow flag died, ...

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“€˜Free”€™ Camille Paglia!

Empire waist floral baby doll dress, worn over black cycling shorts? Check. Doc Martens (or cheap reasonable facsimile)? Check. Pink rape whistle and bowling ball bag purse? Check. What else might you discover among a young downtown ...

Johnny Rotten and Steve Jones

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Oversexed Pistol

"€œNo matter what madness I"€™m hearing from the podium, he's thrilling."€ That observation about Donald Trump's speechifying is so pedestrian it qualifies for its own crosswalk sign. Then again, when one of rock's most ...

Katy Perry

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Twisted Sisters

So TCM ran The Nun's Story again, and I watched it again, and cried again. Which isn"€™t that big a deal because I cry at pretty much every movie, and by "€œpretty much every movie,"€ I mean Galaxy Quest. Since duty and ...

Gustav Metzger

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The Hitler of Gibsons

Steeltown was headbanger heaven. Heavy metal devotees stomped the streets of my hometown in their mustard-yellow Kodiak boots, fingering their long, ratty hair behind their ears exactly like Wayne Campbell, the jackets of their Canadian ...

Depeche Mode in concert, Sweden 2010

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Blasphemous Rumors About Richard Spencer

Did you have that stupid idea in high school too? That on prom night or graduation, you and your two or three hippie or punk or goth friends (the only ones you had) would go, all right, but wear tuxedos (if you were girls) or drag (if ...

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