Charles A. Coulombe

Charles A. Coulombe

Charles A. Coulombe was born to theatrical parents on the Upper East Side of Manhattan on the day JFK was elected. Settling with his family in Hollywood in the house of Criswell, the once-famous TV psychic, Coulombe was exposed to the weird at an early age. His father's varying financial fortunes gave him an odd mix of public and Catholic education, and his colleges were New Mexico Military Institute and Cal State Northridge. After several jobs and a few years as a standup comic, he settled into a life of crime as a freelance writer. Coulombe is the author of eleven books and numerous articles on a wide variety of historical, religious, political, cinematic, literary, and supernatural topics. His ten nephews and nieces and innumerable cousins and godchildren keep him in touch with pop culture, while his favorite clubs, bars, and restaurants continue to provide the comfort of the past. Coulombe believes in Catholicism, Monarchy, and little else --- though he begins to think the Aliens will make contact before the budget is balanced.

Mohammed Zahir Shah

Middle East Conflict


My fascination with Afghanistan"€”especially the area now called Nuristan but originally Kafiristan"€”was first sparked by watching The Man Who Would Be King at Grauman's Chinese Theatre back in 1975. The film brought to my attention the ...


The Magyars”€™ Revenge

All of the chatter about the euro obscures another important news item out of the mother continent: the reaction in Europe and the United States to the new Hungarian Constitution which took effect January 1. The brainchild of the ruling conservative ...

Michelle Dockery in Downton Abbey


Nostalgia: A Taste of the Eternal

Downton Abbey"€˜s popularity in the United States comes as little shock to those who remember the early 1970s"€™ Upstairs, Downstairs craze. In a word, the show's popularity is fueled by nostalgia. That word came to mind again a few days ago ...


Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies

A restaurant called Taboo is one my favorite haunts in one of my favorite American cities, Palm Beach, FL. After years of occasional visits, I noticed I was inevitably ushered into the same section. When a local throwaway newspaper featured "€œA ...


Wailing About Whales: The Myth of Interspecies Slavery

Slaving and whaling dominated New England shipping prior to the Civil War. When the slave trade became illegal in 1808, fewer profits rolled into Yankee coffers. As slave-trade revenues decreased, abolitionist fervor in New England increased. To ...


Politicians: Better Saint Than Sorry

The election season is upon us. The Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary solemnly consecrated the opening of this long, sad circus. Until November we will endure the quadrennial ritual of seeing men of questionable ability and ethics accuse each ...


The Fires This Time

The New Year literally blazed into Los Angeles with dozens of fires set over several days. One of the worst arson attacks ever, it sent Angelenos scurrying for their garden hoses. As conflagrations broke out under cars and spread to nearby ...

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Teetering Toward 2012

This year crawls toward its doom while 2012 waits to unleash new horrors upon us. Here in California, we enjoyed the first year of rule by our resuscitated governor, who has learned to his chagrin that the 1970s are indeed over—although his ...


A California Christmas

Here in the LA area, as in the rest of California and across the globe, the secular Christmas season (what we Western Christians call “Advent” and the Easterners name “Nativity Fast”) is in full swing. The Hollywood Christmas Parade duly ...

Corey Feldman


Pedophiles in Tinseltown

Hollywood would not be Hollywood without recurring scandals. Tinseltown always struggles to remain relevant, and in light of the Penn State affair, she has once again managed to keep up with mainstream American life. From Congress on down through ...


Political Society v. Civil Society

The latest flap over a Benetton ad campaign is far from the first in that notoriously tasteless company’s history. Obama is shown kissing the President of China, French chief of State Nicolas Sarkozy liplocks with German Kanzlerin Angela ...

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