Charles A. Coulombe

Charles A. Coulombe

Charles A. Coulombe was born to theatrical parents on the Upper East Side of Manhattan on the day JFK was elected. Settling with his family in Hollywood in the house of Criswell, the once-famous TV psychic, Coulombe was exposed to the weird at an early age. His father's varying financial fortunes gave him an odd mix of public and Catholic education, and his colleges were New Mexico Military Institute and Cal State Northridge. After several jobs and a few years as a standup comic, he settled into a life of crime as a freelance writer. Coulombe is the author of eleven books and numerous articles on a wide variety of historical, religious, political, cinematic, literary, and supernatural topics. His ten nephews and nieces and innumerable cousins and godchildren keep him in touch with pop culture, while his favorite clubs, bars, and restaurants continue to provide the comfort of the past. Coulombe believes in Catholicism, Monarchy, and little else --- though he begins to think the Aliens will make contact before the budget is balanced.

Bizarro World

The Fairy Skeleton of the Chilean Desert

May 15 2013

Amid the din of social, political, and terroristic unrest that takes up so much of the major media’s (and the Internet’s) time, there occasionally surfaces


Capriles Randonksi and Hugo Chavez

Civil War in Venezuela?

Apr 21 2013

Although Hugo Chavez managed to beat rival Henrique Capriles Randonski in the October 2012 election, Chavez was soundly trounced by Death. Capriles Randonksi managed to


Kamala Harris

Obama Compliments a Woman, Draws Fire

Apr 08 2013

For the first time since Ronald Reagan flew via helicopter off into history in January 1989, I have felt enthusiastic about a US president. To


A Tale of Two Frances

Jan 10 2013

It is not a pleasant time to be French. New head of state Francois Hollande promises to be the most ridiculous president ever to occupy


Where Have All the Christians Gone?

Dec 17 2012

Just in time for Christmas, the latest British census shows that since 2001, when 72% of the UK's denizens claimed to be Christians, the quotient


Let Them Watch Crap

Nov 25 2012

It’s happening again. Once more I begin to like a new TV show and it is canceled in a single season. My affliction goes back


The War Within the States

Nov 11 2012

The sovereign people of these United States have spoken. Barack Obama has been reelected president of the Republic, and the Man from Kolob has been


Madonna Ciccone

A Mirror Called Madonna

Nov 03 2012

While the Northeast begins pulling itself out of the disaster that was hurricane Sandy, America now faces the horror of the presidential election. But another


The Seven Saints of October

Oct 25 2012

Having just gone through the third of the medicine shows we call presidential debates, it is something of a relief to go from the ridiculous


The Spice of Death

Oct 16 2012

The 107-year-old Variety publications have been sold to the Internet-based Penske Media Corporation. Weekly Variety, daily Variety, and Variety Broadway are all falling into the

Foreign Policy

The Mexican Basket Case

Oct 08 2012

The Middle East and Asia occupy most of our foreign-policy interest these days, but relatively little attention is paid to our most important dangerous foreign

Middle East

Three Waves of Mediocrity

Sep 28 2012

The Obama regime's official explanation for the murder of our ambassador to Libya and three staffers amid the destruction of our Benghazi consulate"€”that it was


Fire in the East

Sep 20 2012

While most geopolitical fears are focused on the Middle East, it would be wise to also keep an eye on the Far East. There are

Modernity Watch

Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

Sep 15 2012

The two major national party conventions trotted out this year's brightest and best as if they were displaying prize pigs at a county fair. Highlights

Cultural Caviar

Phyllis Diller

5 x 6 Feet Under

Aug 25 2012

The Grim Reaper thinned the herd of baby-boomer entertainment icons this summer. Ernest Borgnine, Andy Griffith, Phyllis Diller, William Windom, and"€”ahem"€”Scott McKenzie made up a

Cultural Caviar

Will There Be Life on Mars?

Aug 15 2012

While the world had its eyes trained on London's Olympics, a great many were staring at the planet Mars. On August 5, workers at the


A Furor Over Foreskins

Jul 27 2012

Last year I wrote about the anti-circumcision campaign here in California, and now another chapter in the Foreskin Chronicles has opened up in Germany. Whereas


God’s Frozen People

Jul 19 2012

The religious world is buzzing this week with the unusual results of the Episcopal Church's latest General Convention. That venerable institution has voted, among other

Cultural Caviar

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Celebrity Schadenfreude

Jul 06 2012

Tom Cruise received a most unpleasant 50th-birthday present: His wife of five years Katie Holmes has filed for divorce. Cruise was apparently blindsided by the


Simeon of Bulgaria, Alexander of Serbia, Michael of Romania, Constantine of Greece

Return of the Kings

Jun 16 2012

A specter is haunting Europe"€”and pace Marx, it is the specter of monarchy. Whenever a ceremony of any sort is performed for or by a

Cultural Caviar

Ray Bradbury

Someone Righteous This Way Went

Jun 08 2012

Ray Bradbury is dead. For the past twenty years I have dreaded writing those words. The effusive homages to a man who was arguably America's


Space: The Final Market

May 12 2012

If all goes as planned, May 19 will see the SpaceX ship blast off to resupply the International Space Station, marking NASA's official opening of


Hugo Chávez

Chávez: Still Riding the Pink Tide

Apr 19 2012

During Benedict XVI's recent trip to Cuba, the brothers Castro tumbled out to meet the pontiff. But there was another noted visitor to Cuba at

Cultural Caviar

Baseball: LA’s Thin Blue Line

Apr 05 2012

March 28 saw a springtime ritual that rivals or even surpasses Easter in many Americans"€™ hearts: The baseball season opened. Despite the many differences"€”real and

Middle East Conflict

Mohammed Zahir Shah


Mar 21 2012

My fascination with Afghanistan"€”especially the area now called Nuristan but originally Kafiristan"€”was first sparked by watching The Man Who Would Be King at Grauman's Chinese


Balancing California’s Budget Before it Falls Into the Ocean

Mar 15 2012

California must be the most geographically diverse state in the Union. From Mount Shasta to Death Valley, from Big Sur to Yosemite, we have everything.