Charles A. Coulombe

Charles A. Coulombe

Charles A. Coulombe was born to theatrical parents on the Upper East Side of Manhattan on the day JFK was elected. Settling with his family in Hollywood in the house of Criswell, the once-famous TV psychic, Coulombe was exposed to the weird at an early age. His father's varying financial fortunes gave him an odd mix of public and Catholic education, and his colleges were New Mexico Military Institute and Cal State Northridge. After several jobs and a few years as a standup comic, he settled into a life of crime as a freelance writer. Coulombe is the author of eleven books and numerous articles on a wide variety of historical, religious, political, cinematic, literary, and supernatural topics. His ten nephews and nieces and innumerable cousins and godchildren keep him in touch with pop culture, while his favorite clubs, bars, and restaurants continue to provide the comfort of the past. Coulombe believes in Catholicism, Monarchy, and little else --- though he begins to think the Aliens will make contact before the budget is balanced.


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