Cultural Caviar

Why Young Americans Are So Unhappy

The general method, or rather hustle, of the Confidence Man Steven Pinker is to use eviden...

Cultural Caviar

Es Vedra

Better Off Collecting Stamps

When I reached maturity, or at any rate stopped growing, I was of average height. Now I am...


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The Rise of AOC

This last political season, a 29-year-old bartender named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a self...

Cultural Caviar

Theresa May

The Merits of Nepotism and Boasting

There was once a medical student of my acquaintance who consistently scored lower marks on...

Cultural Caviar

Witchcraft: The Selfie of the Soul

Like practically everyone else, I look at my phone or turn on my computer as soon as I wak...

Cultural Caviar

Lose Yourself

For a number of years I have been fighting a lonely one-man (or should I say one-person?) ...

Cultural Caviar

Unfit to a T

Sitting in two airports last week, in Paris and Riga, it suddenly occurred to me that I ha...

Cultural Caviar

Asia Argento

The Tart Is Deceitful Above All Things

Just as there’s a tremendous difference between acting ethically and feeling the need to...

Cultural Caviar

Barely Scratching the Surface

For the past three months or so I have suffered from, or at least experienced, a condition...

Cultural Caviar

How Uncanny Was My Valley?

Within the conventions of English drag comedy, the most familiar character is what the Mon...

Cultural Caviar

Male Bonding at an All-Female College

A group of biologically female good ol"€™ boys gathers every week at Oakland's girls-onl...

Cultural Caviar

Shulamith Firestone

Feminism’s Rotting Corpse

I was certain I still had my copy of the book on the same shelf as my long-untouched copie...

Cultural Caviar

Digging Up My Roots With a Cyber-Shovel

In The Odyssey, Theoclymenus asks of Telemachus, "€œAmong men, who are you? Tell me also...

Cultural Caviar

Just Another Fairytale Lesbian Blogger From Damascus

The eminently credible mainstream media was all aflame last Tuesday with reports that a pr...