Modern Weapons

I Know Why the Caged Bird Is Hilarious

The most important lesson I ever learned about comedy was inadvertently taught to me by an...

Modern Weapons

Avital Ronell

The Sorrows of Young Nimrod the Toady

“I hope the reader of a later age will pardon me for detaining him with persons of whom ...


Racial Immunity

Twelve years ago, when actor Michael Richards launched into his epithet-laced tirade again...


I Have a Dream…About Gay Wedding Cakes

The Supreme Court’s recent decision on whether a Christian baker can be forced to ma...

Modern Weapons

Nikolas de Jesus Cruz

How To Exploit a High School Massacre

On Valentine’s Day, a 19-year-old former student of a Miami-area high school walked onto...

Modern Weapons

Tell It to the Judge

The German word “Vernichtungskrieg” (“extermination war”) refers to a war in which...


Lee Circle, New Orleans

The Battle of New Orleans

Last Sunday in New Orleans a group of patriots surrounded Robert E. Lee and beat back the ...

Modern Weapons

It’s Not Funny Anymore

I thought the leftist obsession with getting people fired would die down after Trump won, ...

Modern Weapons

Whiteness: The Original Sin

According to the modern moral framework as it's dictated to us by academia's huddled roden...


Punking the Haters

In a normal election year, it would be big news: one of the largest and most influential n...


Donald Trump

No Safe Space for the Wicked

One of the most inane verbal constructions in the modern leftist lexicon"€”right up ther...


Did Africans Sell Africans Into Slavery? Let’s Ask Some Africans

If there is a historical weapon more powerful and decisive than guns, it is certainly guil...


Free Speech or Hate Speech? I’ll Take Both, Thanks

Every so often the leftist dogma machine will spit out a mantra so innately nonsensical th...

Modern Weapons

Cam Newton

It’s Because He’s Black, Isn”€™t It?

Superstar NFL quarterback Cam Newton is black, and even though many people loudly insist t...