Theresa Mayday

Britain’s international relations have acquired something of Paris in the spring of ...


Timing Is Everything

William Gladstone, the great Victorian Liberal leader, the most successful electoral polit...


Parliament Without Power

It's important to restrict the power of government"€”any government. In Britain this use...


Boris Johnson

The Perils of Winning

"€œThe whole worl"€™ is in a state o"€™ chassis,"€ says a character in a Sean O"...


Houses of Parliament, London

Will There Always Be an England?

In his op-ed in The Washington Post, Chris Grayling, leader of the House of Commons, made ...


David Cameron

The Cynosure of Rightwing Hopes

Just after 10pm last Thursday, the BBC was allowed to broadcast the results of the exit po...


Nicola Sturgeon

Change for Change’s Sake

Britain's new multi-party politics has pundits and bookies salivating at the prospect of m...


The Reign of John Bercow

The Speaker of the House of Commons is the most powerful commoner in the United Kingdom. O...


James Goad

An Interview With James Goad

James Goad is the Chairman of the Worcester City branch of the United Kingdom Independence...


Scottish Independence Is Crap

"€œSee, if you was Billy Connolly sitting right there,"€ said the Winston Churchill d...


Let Us Have Gay Marriage, But not Yet

I have never shared or understood the moral prejudice against homosexual acts. Even as a b...

British Politics

In Defense of English Civilization

We know that England is under attack, and from its own ruling class. Before we can speak o...


The Shriveling Scottish Identity

When Scotland and England were united formally in 1707, the Scottish Earl of Seafield rema...


Eric Joyce MP

Eric Joyce’s Hands-On Politics 

On Tuesday February 22nd, police were called to the Strangers"€™ Bar in the House of Com...