Cultural Caviar

Kindness Can Kill

When the Fiske half of my family immigrated to England, we weren"€™t exactly popular. We...


On Second Thought, Stick to Your Guns

A year ago, in the wake of yet another American High School massacre"€”this time by a ha...

Cultural Caviar

Gun Control and the Scope of Ethics

In 2004 in rural Berkshire, England, a rush-hour commuter train from London to Plymouth co...


Nigella Lawson

The Kiss-Off

As the British press draw themselves bloated and bloody-faced from their feeding frenzy on...

Cultural Caviar

The Starch in the Social Fabric

Driving around Spain, one notices all the castles. That’s quite a thing to notice fo...

Cultural Caviar

A Paean to Pamplona

In 2009 I first came to Pamplona to run with the bulls. I was terrified in that complete a...

Cultural Caviar

He Who Would Battle Monsters

My friend Hugh Dancy came to London this week while on a break before filming a series abo...

Cultural Caviar

Rita Hayworth and Orson Welles

The Second-Hand Men

Last week I drove from Seville to Ronda, its great rival for primacy in the bullfighting w...

Cultural Caviar

The Freedom of Disunity

Last week I gave a talk on my pet topic of bullfighting in front of various politicos from...

Cultural Caviar

The Difference Between Killing and Murder

Returning to London from Seville I see that abortion is once again one of the top news sto...

Cultural Caviar

Ollie Locke

Among the Gold and Gore

Last night while seated in the La Maestranza bullring of Seville to watch the great matado...

Cultural Caviar


The Ancient Contract Between Man and Wolf

The incident reads like a sick contemporary rewrite of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale. A four...

Cultural Caviar

David Cameron and Boris Johnson

Another Battle Lost on the Playing-Fields of Eton

Referring to his most famous victory at the educational establishment he and so many of hi...

Cultural Caviar

Barnaby Conrad

Dying in Hemingway’s Shadow

In 1941, in the plaza de toros of Mexico City, a nineteen-year-old audience member made fo...