Heart of Darkness

Justin Trudeau

Canada’s Painfully Shameful History of Racism

Canadians like to tell themselves that their nation is progressive and tolerant, but they ...

Heart of Darkness

Racial Dystopia

An essential element of all postapocalyptic movies is the “precious object.” This is t...


Africa Destroyed: Poster Child for Liberalism

The continental catastrophe that has engulfed Africa may go down in history as the greates...


Roger Cohen

Roger the Dodger

Okay, all you readers: You are weak, easily manipulated, led by the nose to the gutter, su...


The “Coffin Case” and the Joys of Hating White Afrikaners

In South Africa the mood across the media and political spectrum is one of jubilation. On ...


A Racial Fort Sumter?

Last Wednesday night, nine black men and women were shot to death at Emanuel AME Church in...


The Zombies of Fishtown

Working-class whites, prole whites, salt-of-the-earth whites who are the soldiers of our a...


The Evil of Occupation

Ask any Greek about the Turks and the best you"€™ll get is a grimace. More often than no...


A Maoist Madeleine Moment

I suppose everyone has his madeleine moment"€”that experience, sensory or otherwise, tha...

Heart of Darkness

South Africa’s Rape Culture

Media reports suggesting South Africa has been "€œshocked"€ by the viral rape video i...


Silvio Berlusconi and Muammar Gaddafi

The Rude Multitude

Macbeth knew what would be coming to him once his domestic enemies had the upper hand. He ...

Heart of Darkness

President George W. Bush with Saudi King Abdullah bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud

Who Cares About the Middle East?

While reading yet another headline about, oh, I don’t know, a wayward dromedary whose sc...

Heart of Darkness

Abbottabad, Pakistan

A Good Day in Abbottabad

Though Abbottabad's eponymous founder might approve of the rough justice OBL received ther...

Heart of Darkness

Everybody Must Get Stoned

Executing a malefactor by stoning has received bad press due to a deplorable enthusiasm am...