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Happy Holidays?

Ho Ho Ho…Merry Christmas! At least it’s usually merry for those of us who love Chr...


Make Your Own Damned Lunch

There’s currently a guilt-inducing ad campaign on the NYC subway featuring a large cup o...


A.D. 2041—End of White America?

John Hope Franklin, the famed black historian at Duke University, once told the incoming f...

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Bulldozing for Dollars

Where the left sees big government as the lesser of two evils, the right tends to side wit...

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Chicago, Illinois

Life Imitates Arts Criticism

On August 31st, I extolled Clybourne Park (now playing at Chicago’s Steppenwolf Thea...

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Spread the Poverty!

I have a new slogan for Obama: Spread the Poverty! We are told that more people now live b...


Ron Paul

Crazy Uncles

If I hear Ron Paul referred to as the GOP’s “crazy uncle” one more time,...

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Nothing to Commemorate

What will you do to commemorate 9/11? The ‘I Will’ campaign has thrown out the...

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The author with his children

It’s Father’s Day: Do You Know Where Your Dad Is?

I asked my dad what he wanted for Father’s Day, and like all dads who never abandoned th...


Barack Obama

Barack Hussein Hoover?

Is the world headed for a debt crisis to dwarf the one that befell us in 2008, when Treasu...

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In Defense of the Rich

"€œLet's put it this way,"€ says the uneducated liberal with the nursery-school analo...

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Fort Pickens, Florida

The Real Reason We Build Forts

A punchably positive viral video that popped up like a smiley-faced genital wart a couple ...

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The Detroit RoboCop statue is a fitting cenotaph for the end of America, a goofy metal mon...

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Ken Salazar

Drilling Ken Salazar

After two years of practicing unrepentant contempt for science, jobs, law and truth, why s...