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Last Stand Against the Racial State

"€œBut why would any white guy want to say "€˜nigger"€™?"€ My perpetually outraged white leftist friend was, to nobody's shock but hers, outraged after viewing a thread on my Facebook page in which some fellow I don"€™t know ...

Injured Parties

Reclaiming Toxic Masculinity

It is always cause for deep personal grieving when I observe a nonsensical term that had long lurked on the fringes of leftist dogma beginning to leak its way into the mainstream vernacular, where it becomes so familiar that your ...

Injured Parties

Feminist Witch Hunts Are Rape

Another week, another comedian prosecuted for rape in the courts of social media. This time it's even more extreme because a comedian who dared question the witch hunt is also being pilloried. I obviously don"€™t have a problem with a ...

John Wayne

Injured Parties

Down on The Duke

Last week California lawmakers shot down a proposal to declare May 26th “John Wayne Day” in honor of the iconic actor’s birthday. At issue were comments that “The Duke” had made in a May 1971 interview with ...

Andrew Jackson

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Chopping Down Old Hickory

Instead of wishing he"€™d shot Henry Clay, I bet Andrew Jackson is now wishing he could plug Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. This week, Secretary Lew is expected to announce that Andrew Jackson's visage will be wiped from the $20 bill ...

Injured Parties

Feminism Is Ruining Women’s Soccer

"€œEqual pay for equal work should be a fundamental principle of our economy,"€ bellowed President Obama on Tuesday while commemorating Equal Pay Day. "€œIt's the idea that whether you"€™re a high school teacher, a business ...

Injured Parties

The Good Humor Rapist

One of the biggest viral stories on social media last week was a laughably idiotic Finnish "€œhow to"€ video that ostensibly demonstrates the proper way for women to defend themselves against rapists. The video, produced by ...

Injured Parties

White American Anomie

Angus Deaton and his wife, Anne Case, completed a study last year asserting that the death rates for American middle-aged working-class whites, especially males, have been increasing over the past twenty years while the death rates for ...

Injured Parties

The Silent Minority

There are more Hispanics in America than blacks. Why aren’t they bitching about this year’s Oscars like blacks are? Don’t misunderstand me, dearest friends"€”I’m glad they’re not bitching. Or at least it ...

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